April 23, 2008

our funny clothes

I was walking down the street with my boys when we came upon a brickel bush(actually a tumble weed, but the boys call it a brickel bush, from a Dr. Suess book). I was going to take a picture of this brickel bush with the boys, when I noticed Finn wearing my LEAST favorite play shirt ever. This shirt is an unsightly blue and yellow striped collared shirt. Here are some additional reasons I don't like it:
  1. Collared shirts just don't seem like play clothes. He may as well wear a suit and tie out to play. My idea of a play shirt is a ringer tee, which Finn has plenty of. However, he always gravitates toward his 3 old collared shirts instead.
  2. The collars are so big, Finn drowns under them.
  3. He pairs them with clashing shorts, colored socks and brown loafers.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I took 2 of the worst offenders, and hid them in a bag on the washing machine, headed for the trash. Then I started to feel a bit guilty. What if he asked for them? And how would I feel if someone threw away my favorite over-sized black fleece maternity shirt? My sister gave it to me years ago when I was pregnant with Finn and is going to be mortified when she reads that I still wear it, especially since I'm not pregnant. However, it's the first thing I grab when I'm cold and nothing else will do. I should retire it, because it looks so unflattering and frumpy on me. I usually can't wear fleece at all because it makes my fingers want to gag, but this fleece does not bother me at all. It's magic fleece.

Speaking of fleece, John has a pair of ugly black fleece pants he wears once in a while, only when it's really cold. I should throw out those pants too.

And since I'm telling you all the funny-looking things we wear, check out Calvin's "ketchup and mun-stard" pj's:

I am well aware that Calvin is too old to wear a onesie. However, we all get such a good laugh whenever he wears this.

And you should hear people gasp in horror when they see Ollie in this body suit. They cannot believe my baby would wear such a silly contraption. Honestly, he only sleeps in these things when it's cold.
So, I decided to take a picture of Finn in his striped shirt with the Brickel bush after all. I'm trying to be a good blog reporter.
Here is a red collared play shirt that I actually don't mind, because the collar is smaller and has a snug fit. I have nothing against collared shirts, as long as they are small and don't overwhelm the frame.

Notice Euro-Finn is wearing dark socks with loafers? John and I crack up when Finn wears these with shorts, because he looks European. I'm pretty sure Europeans don't wear white socks, though I could be wrong.


  1. ROFL! I HATE IT when my two big boys wear outfits that mortify me. Oh well, worse things happen, right?? LOL

  2. ohhh youre too funny, i love it!

  3. So where's the picture of you in the maternity top?! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment..AGAIN...on my blog. You're a great blog friend!

  4. LOL Megan, not a chance you will see a picture of me in the maternity fleece!I'm well aware of how bad it looks on me. My boys on the other hand think they look great in their funny clothes:)

  5. i love reading your posts.you're so good at writing things down.the way you do it.i love it. and the photos..great!have a good day out there!

  6. Thanks Coco, I was actually just going to write that Ryan would be proud of Finn's "euro-trash" style! :) We happen to love the eurotrash at our house! :) Now all he needs to do is wear the oversized collar UP and he will 100% legit!

    As for the maternity clothes, thanks for being a fellow crazy in comfy oversized clothes with me! :) I just refuse to buy more clothes until I can buy the size I want to..

    And the best part of your post.... fleece that makes you fingers gag? Oh my gosh, we must be related. Ask Coco, I cannot touch certain kinds of chenille. I want to rip it in half.

    Now that the world knows I am psycho..I'm out!

  7. oh you! I just love the things you blog about. They are so delightfully, wonderfully, funnily everyday-ish and just perfect.

    I'm diggin' Euro-Finn's socks and loafers! lol

  8. OMGoodness, Calvin looks so adorably funny in his yellow onesie and red pj pants!!! I love the pose he's striking, too! Ansley still sleeps in her sack like Ollie's too, and it's the saddest thing to watch her walk around in it. But it's COLD here!

    Funny post!

  9. you're hilarious.

    and Europeans also wear black bras with white tops. it's true. and i don't understand why.

  10. Lil Major tagged Ollie over on my blog...check it out. =)

  11. ive come back to this post a number of times to get a look at calvin in his goofy pjs! :o)

  12. You better not throw away my funny pants!! I still wear those under my shells when I snowboard.