December 15, 2009

Calvin's yellow shoes

The other night, I set out Calvin's church clothes on his dresser.

The next morning, when I sent the kids to get dressed, Calvin pointed at his brown and white dress-shirt and asked John, "what's this?"

John was like, "What do you mean, what's this? This is your shirt."

Calvin replied, "Oh, I can't wear this shirt. It doesn't match my yellow shoes."

These are Calvin's yellow shoes:

Nevermind the blue stripes. These shoes are yellow.
And Calvin insists on wearing them every single day.

It's a tough job finding something yellow to wear every day, to match his shoes.

Calvin says "I like the color yellow, because I like daytime."

Yes, this boy is my sunshine.

In some ways Calvin is so different from the rest of the family. I often marvel "who is this little creature running through my house?"

But then I remember, as a child, I was actually a lot like Calvin.

I looked up to my older sister Jessica.
Calvin looks up to his older brother Finn.
I copied whatever Jessica did.
Calvin copies whatever Finn does.

I remember that as a kid, when my sister named her brown bear "Freckles", I had to name my white bear "Freckled Ham". Original, I know.

But I think it's sweet that my boys have same type of relationship that I had with my older sister.(O'course I'm crazy about my younger sister, Lindsay, too:)

Even though Calvin closely follows Finn's footsteps, he certainly has a flare and style all of his own!


  1. That twerp will love my yellow house. And it does look like sunshine:)

  2. Great pics and yellow is Cora's favorite for that very reason - cause it reminds her of sun... Kids are so wonderful... Where oh where did you get his "yellow" shoes???

  3. i would also want to wear them everyday :)

  4. oh, those cheeks!! and the things your boys say!! they are the cutest. love that calvin :)

  5. He looks like such a big boy in these pics! I even resembles Finn in a lot of them...he's growing up!

    And those shoes are QUITE unique! LOL!!

  6. He is so, so precious, Davi!

    I think he should always wear the yellow shoes no matter what, because it's him. Ethan has bright red shoes, because red is his favorite color. He wears them every single day, even to church (whether his clothes match them or not). But Ethan marches to the beat of his own drum, so it never looks off when he is wearing the red shoes with other-colored clothing. It looks just right for Ethan. :)

  7. Pure sunshine that boy! So so cute =)

  8. as is typical your boy is adorable.
    (p.s. would you mind telling me what kind of camera you use?)

  9. Your boys definitely have STYLE! And I love Calvin's sunny style...he's sunny side up ;)

  10. I love that he has such a sense of style at such a young age. AND that he loves yellow because that is my favorite's such a happy color.

  11. that is one stylish little boy. adorable

  12. Loving those yellow shoes and that little boy of yours!

  13. He is actually looking more and more like Finn in those pics! Such a sweet, gorgeous boy!

  14. And it just hit me that we both accepted "Freckle Ham" as a perfectly normal name. lol.

  15. Kiley--Calvin's shoes are Vincent Shoes...a swedish company. i got them on sale a while ago...i think that particular shoe is discontinued, but they have other cute ones..the trick is finding them on sale..preferably on clearance otherwise they can be pricey!

    Laina-that is awesome that Ethan wears his read shoes with everything. SOOO cute! and i did let Calvin wear his shoes to church with his dress-shirt:)

    Meg--i use the canon 40D!

    and yah, Jess, that is hysterical that we both accepted the name Freckled Ham as perfectly normal.

  16. Ah! I knew it, it's a gorgeous camera and now I'm jealous :P

  17. Hi, I'm a lurker, after finding you from Megan's blog, I always love your photography!

    Do you mind me asking: what lenses do you use with the Canon 40D? Though no matter how amazing the camera I think nothing can compensate the amount of rain we get here in Scotland!

  18. Love the pictures. I thought I would have all boys since I have three brothers and now I have all girls:)
    I love the style of clothing that your kids wear. Do you know of any good online clothing stores?

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

  19. Oi that boy is adorable! And I am still in love with his shoes!!! I would want to wear them every day too!!!

  20. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for popping by! And wow, how cool that you live in Scotland!

    Up until this last post, I've been using my little "nifty fifty" (5o mm lens f/1.8)...this post I used my new lens, which is a 35mm(f/1.4)...I saved up for it for a long while...and I must say I do like it and look forward to playing around with it and learning how to use it better!

    Julia A--so funny you thought you'd have all boys...I actually thought I'd have all girls because I have all sisters! stores...I always get sick of the same styles and usually am not loyal to one store...however, I do seem to keep going back to miniboden because of their excellent customer service and durable clothes. I just keep passing them along from boy to boy and they still look new. I also buy them gently used stuff on ebay if I like/trust the brand! And though I don't buy much on etsy, I really like their unique variety. Hope this helps:)

  21. Thanks for the clothing tip! I use the "nifty fifty" lens right now too:) I have a nikon D 80. I really like it. But am interested in saving up for a different lens in a few months.

  22. Lorie is so are you my dear. Love all these sunny shots.
    Merry Christmas!

  23. ah, Calvin. I just love him. How sweet that he loves yellow because it is the color of daytime!! He really is a ray of sunshine, isn't he?? :)

  24. ps. I simply love your new header and side thingys. SO lovely and perfect, darling!