July 5, 2013

the land of the free!

Oh hi ya'll. I hope you had a very happy 4th. 

I'm only posting like 4 or 5 pics today. 
That is a record LOW for me. 
Why so few?
1. It was dang HAWT outside and the boys were all grumpy face. And I was gonna pass out. It was high noon in these pics.

2. I had a little mishap with my jean shorts. Let me explain. 

I was cutting off some jean shorts and John thought they looked too short. 
I was like "nut uh!, they are fine dad" (Rude of me, I know)
He then put yellow post-it notes on my legs(no lie) and told me that my shorts needed to be "yay long".
Anyhow, I ended up cutting 2 pairs of shorts...one shorter, one longer.

And I ended up wearing the shorter ones for our 4th-o-July pics. Big mistake.
Turns out John WAS right. They were a little too short when I looked at the actual pics and hence I could not post most of them. Stupid me. 

3. And the rest of the day I was lounging in my sister Jessica's pool on a raft like a beached whale, way too lazy to take pics. 
I wasn't trying to get a tan, but I was trying to eradicate the glare of white off my legs. 
Jessica literally tethered the raft to the pool fence so I wouldn't crash into all the kids and get all wet. As we used to say as kids, "I did not get in this pool to get wet!"

And one from insta(davirebecca)... 
Instagram seems a bit easier these days. I upgraded to a new iphone4 ,which could actually take pictures that were not super dark or blurry like my old iPhone3.

Insta is like blogger on crack, lol. Just so fast and easy. And perfect for our lazy summers, Amen?!
Thank you Lord for the freedoms I have in this country, despite its numerous problems. 

And from my Jesus Calling devo, on the importance of being thankful, and focusing on the good things in your life:

When you focus on what you don't have or on situations that displease you, your mind also becomes darkened. You take for granted life, salvation, sunshine, flowers and countless other gifts from me. You look for what is wrong and refuse to enjoy life until that is "fixed"

Don't know about you but that last part especially hit home for me. I'm a fixer. I dwell on my problems too much, instead of focusing on the positive. 


  1. Blogger on crack, haha! IG is way easier, I agree. :) Also, that is too funny your hubby put post-it notes on your leg!

  2. Laughing about the post-it notes, but I thought your shorts were fine! They must have been the longer ones?

    And yes, I was left with no choice but to tether the raft. She kept demanding that I tow her away from the splashing kids, lol. It was a mighty fine anchor, too!

    1. yes, J, I changed into the longer ones. the shorter ones weren't toooooo short...maybe they would have looked less offensive on someone with tanner more toned legs. i was sporting a farmer's tan and so the top part of my thigh looked all white and blah.

  3. It's the quality not quantity as everyone says:)
    I LOVE Jesus Calling, it's a fantastic read and SO encouraging:)

  4. I am an instagram addict.... love it! no shame either. hehe!

    Happy 4th! hope it was a great day!

  5. how cute are ya'll!!! and girl..my legs would blind someone..haha..soo white!

  6. Ah show us yo legs, gurl! ;) I need to go find your crackstagram!

  7. I tend to dwell on my problems too much too. Good reminder.

    I love Instagram!

  8. Oh this post made me giggle! I am sure they are not to short but I totally get that feeling... Sometimes you want something to work and it just doesn't.. Figuring out what is comfortable instead of what we think is going to be cute is more important:)
    You look stunning in the pics- and even though I can tell its very hot- beautiful pics once again!!:)

  9. Funny about the shorts. :) Regardless of how many pictures you take they are always fantastic. Love it. My friend says Instagram is like "drive through blogging." It's fast and easy. Ha! Enjoy your Sunday. Love,


  10. I love your shirt! Found you on instagram (my favorite social media site)! I'm @theblogofmj

  11. Laughing about the short shorts!! I think it's funny that your hubs told you they were too short. It would probably be the opposite in our house... my Jon would want me in the shorter ones ;) And that first picture is hilarious. I can't believe they even stood there! I mean, they all look like they're about to cry or die. That could have been the fightin' shot for your punching bag. So next time you want them to look tough, tell them they're standing in 100 degree heat and mama wants to take their picture :)

  12. I am so happy that I've stumbled across you blog. Haha definitely nothing wrong with the shorts!

    All the best. x

  13. dang. i just had a problem that was solved with that devotion down there [that i somehow missed in mine]. thanks for that slap in the face! ;)
    and hi cutie shorty shorts. love that your mug is on insta. i'm sad that it takes me away from my blog though. insta is like a blog on crack! i love that. i'm trying to catch up, but maaaaan my computer won't let me download pics right now. darn! back to the couch i go. hahaaa!

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