August 12, 2013

on a whim

It was saturday morning and I was sleeping in til 9. And it was just heavenly. Don't judge. Let me have my one little moment of happiness, because soon, very SOON,  school will start and my life will be OVER. I'm just NOT a morning person, ha.

John said, "Hey let's get Calvin a bike in Ventura from Craigslist for his bday".

"Are you crazy?", I asked.

"No...we could go to the beach after that!"

Sadly, I'm not very good at planning trips. Like ever. What is wrong with me? John plans all of our vacations. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't go anywhere.

So I packed my lil bags and away we went. Weee!

Even got to take my new sandals(from Shi, by Journeys) for a spin.

Twain decided he had to whiz as soon as we got to the beach. "Go in the water!", daddy someone said.

"Ew, that's sick!", I declared. Besides. Twain refused to use the ocean as his toilet. Good boy.

So we had to take a little hike to the potty.

Twain was barefoot and the bathrooms were DISEASED I TELL YOU. Pee all over the seat and floor. I wanted to gag. And Twain was too short to reach the potty. Plus I didn't want his feet to touch the ground.

So I scooped him up and held him sideways and he started whizzing everywhere, oi.

So much for having a boy. I thought that was supposed to be a benefit---they could go standing up. Not this day.

Finally we aimed some into the toilet. And left the place worse than it started. Whoops.

Daddy and the boys found a diseased decapitated bird. Lovely.

When we first got to the beach, I immediately spotted a super cool log...but there were people PARKED on it.

The second they left, I hawked it. It was super grand, like having a sofa. The people across the way kept staring. I'm not sure why. Did they want the log too? Or were we a spectacle? It's hard to say...

It was windy and freezing and I was SOOOO glad I brought my wool hoodie.

The boys didn't seem to mind the cold for the first hour.

Hanging with the birthday boy! Cavin turned 8! (Don't worry, I have since trimmed the wayward bangs).

We even stopped for Foster's donuts and celebrated. Donuts are like my favorite dessert ever, btw...mmmm...sugar donuts, white or pink sprinkle donuts or a chocolate bar. And I like maple bars too but they are kinda sweet. What is your fav donut?

Grooming my boys like a chimp. Always.

Trying to keep warm. Not a bad idea, boys.

Finally the boys were miserably cold and begging to go home. Ollie hid under a towel and kept praying "Jesus please stop this wind!". He probably remembered the story in the bible where Jesus stopped the wind on the sea...

Finally when I could handle the whining and yelping no longer, we threw the boys in the van and drove home.
It's SO fun to get away, but even more fun coming home. What can I say? I must be part hobbit.


  1. LOVE the pictures... the beach is my very favorite place. Oh, and donuts are like my total weakness. I <3 jelly filled & apple fritters (um, and maple and glazed old fashioned) See? They are just too perf with coffee!!!

  2. Such lovely photos. Having boys must be such an adventure. Pee everywhere? Decapitated birds? Yikes.

  3. Your boys are so cute Davi! Love these beach photos:)

  4. GREAT pic of you and your boys!
    My heart belongs to Foster's too - MUCH better than their overpriced local counterpart!! My fav is the cinnamon rolls :)

  5. love this post, you are so cute davi :) you and that log. love it. and we're potty training over here. roman wants to dump the potty from his little seat into the big toilet. needless to say, i about freak every time because potty gets every where. and i'm ocd. and i'm trying to "let go" and just clean it later... ahhhh and now i have 2 boys. how DO you do it girlfriend?!!!!! :) love to you from KC!

  6. Haha I'm part hobbit too:) The outside is great but home is... well, it's HOME:)
    I love the colors in your shots; especially of your beach blanket!

  7. beautiful photos as always Davi! I swear, the sun loves you. ;)

  8. omg DAVI. you crack me UP. it's the middle of the night & i ain't sleepin. thanks for making me chuckle you pretty lil' log sitter you.

  9. Seriously fantastic pictures. Love that you spotted the awesome log- hah! Glad you made it, win!
    Those things of yours are just to much darling all wrapped into boyz! Love your whiz story... those stories make you more real to me haha:)
    those pictures... *cricket* *cricket* *me staring....*

  10. Love donuts too! Applesauce, pumpkin, chocolate long John, old fashioned

  11. ollie's little prayer!! SO ADORABLE! and seriously woman, you and your little men. be still my heart.


  12. I love how you tell the stories of your days! And I always appreciate how I can relate to your experiences :)
    Hope you are well!!