August 15, 2009

When Mommy's Away

When mommy's away the boys do play. Finn and Daddy are taking over the blog. And this is the first posting for both of us, so Mommy can fix the formatting later.

Mommy took baby Twain and Miss Lorie on a road trip this weekend to visit Miss Ellie and left the rest of the boys behind. Of course we've had lots of fun and we've kept the house reasonably clean. Daddy even managed to get a few projects done.

Daddy worked on the shed roof and he fixed the screen door (and I took the pictures).

Yesterday we took our biggest bike ride yet to the far park. We were just a little bit late getting back for Finn's drum lessons (Mr. Canaan was waiting at the door).

We've been helping daddy cook. We had tacos last night (we know you don't like them so much, so we had them without you) and waffles today.

Last night was movie night and we watched Bolt while we ate popcorn (and milkshakes).

Calvin and I have been doing lots of chores around the house and it's almost time for a payday.

We'll probably go to the recycler later today to get some more money and then go to Target to blow it all on new Cars toys.

Don't worry about Ollie, he's having a good time.

By the way, we got some mail that you'll probably want to open. I wanted to see if it was for me, but Daddy said I had to wait until you got home.

We all love you and miss you (and no, Daddy didn't comb our hair or make us change our shirts).

Finn and Daddy (and Calvin and Ollie).


  1. I'm dying a MILLION deaths over here. SHOCK of a lifetime to see this post!Totally made my day:)

    GREAT job taking pictures Finny! Cannot believe you got that photo of daddy on the roof. Which looks wonderful by the way!

    Can't wait to open my boden package.

    SOOO glad Ollie is surviving without me.

    I miss you all so much and seeing your faces makes me smile so big you wouldn't even believe it.

    And great job folding laundry and cooking.

    Have fun blowing your money on Cars at Target. Can't wait to see who you buy.


    ps. gotta love your short-shorts Finny!

  2. GREAT job blogging! I loved that:)

  3. Oh, great job Finny! You are such a grown up boy, blogging!

    D, can't wait to see what's in the tell-tale polka-dotted bag!

  4. What a sweet post! I'm sure mommy missed all of you!

  5. A Payday for a reward for folding clothes! What a grand idea!

  6. Love this post! Have fun scoring some Cars loot! :)

  7. Oh my goodness how cute! Wow I am impressed that your hubby blogged, cheers for him! I hope your weekend was fun, I thought about you this weekend and was hoping Olli was doing OK without you! Can't wait to hear how it all went =)

  8. *looking forward to an update on finny's tooth!*

  9. Way to go Daddy! And way to go Davi for letting go for a few days and going to be with your girls. = )

  10. What a very good job! I love it. I am glad Mommy got to go away for a bit and it looks like the boys had a lot of fun together.

  11. Davi, you don't like tacos?!?!? I don't know if we can be friends anymore!! =P

    How completely precious is this post! You have some of the best boys on the planet, BUT I'm sure you already knew that!