August 20, 2012

Go Fish{review and giveaway}

Today I am doing something new. 

Standing by a corral? Good Guess...but no.

I am doing an official clothing review, mkay?

Today I am reviewing the Notting Hill skirt, made by a very cool clothing and jewelry company called Go Fish.

This skirt is very fun and flouncy and I had a great time tromping around in the fields in it.

But I would also wear it on a date with the hubs in a heartbeat. Actually I would wear it anywhere. 

Very comfortable and soft, made of a rayon/spandex blend.

I love the deep color blue. Goes with all of my yellows, which is always a bonus.

It has a thick waist band and I covered it with a belt. Because I love belts.

I actually folded the top of the skirt over a little bit so that my belt covered the band more completely. But you could also wear the skirt without the belt and it will make the skirt a little longer.

I also love how the bottom of the skirt has a slightly ruffled edge.

Everyone needs a good solid skirt in their repertoire!

And if you hop on over to their blog, you will see the coolest bracelets EVER on their header.
I am kind of obsessed with these unique Peruvian bracelets. They are made from from a family in Peru, out of antique Peruvian fabrics. You can find it on the Go Fish website as the Mollie Bracelet. No two are exactly the same!  

This is one of the things I love about Go Fish--they have authentic products. Go Fish travels to developing nations and helps the talented indigenous people groups by purchasing and selling their homemade goods. 

Go Fish ever so kindly let me select a product to give away to ONE OF YOU. And I picked the Peruvian bracelet of course! Makes me so happy!

To enter this giveaway, simply hop on over to their Facebook and like them. Then let me know in the comments below! Easy peasy!

For additional entries,
1. Follow their blog via GFC or Bloglovin'
2. Follow them on Twitter.

Winner will be randomly selected Sunday, August 26th and announced the next day.

This giveaway is now closed, and the winner has been contacted! Congratulations to the owl of Stars in my Eyes!Thanks all!

Sweet hubs took my pictures--see, it was kind of a date. Love you honey!


  1. Super cute!! I liked them on Facebook :)

  2. I liked Go Fish on FB. Love the skirt with the belt!

  3. I follow on Facebook!!

    Super cute!

  4. It's cute!
    I follow on facebook like Laura Sanchez and I follow on twitter like LovelySea146.

  5. i don't have facebook anymore, but i had to take advantage of being able to comment since i always want to on your other posts:) love you and all you write. i never miss a post.

  6. I liked them! Love the company :)

  7. Looks wonderful!

    And that bracelet is stunning as well. I liked them:) Thanks for the chance!