August 23, 2012

recent creations

My boys love kitties, Ollie in particular. While his older brothers are constructing lego creations of mass destruction, Ollie has been making these little lego kitties recently.

He designed them all by himself. I know they are not wildly elaborate, but I was charmed by their sweetness. I love the grey tail to the right.

He even made one for Twain, who walked around clutching it.

And from the looks of it, mama couldn't stop playing with them either...doopty doopty doo...


As previously mentioned, daddy and finny have been constructing a MASSIVE scratching post for Peach. Presenting, the kitty tower of babel, in all its radiant splendor: 

I know you are jealous.

A few things to note.

>>We decided it was too much of an honor for this tower to reside in the family room. Wink. The honor was officially bestowed on the boys' room, making its grand debut next to Finn's bed. Because surprisingly, Finn has turned out to be Peach's biggest advocate. He gets up before the sun, just to feed Peach some canned food. And then he crashes back in bed, where Peach subsequently joins him. 

>>Can you even spot Peach in this room, amongst all the neutral tan beige blah? She is practically camouflaged. I'm sleepy just looking at this photo.

>>The boys room needs a whole new face look. But I have no money or time for that now. I am currently trying to save for a new couch. So.


Yesterday Finn came home from school and disappeared in the garage for a while. Eventually he emerged, with a PVC pipe and some green string that I never knew existed.

Constructing a new weapon.

He recently bought some gold blingy duct tape that he thinks is fab.


And presto. A new bow. Watch out Katniss. You did not think I could resist a hunger games reference did you? Never.

Finn then turned to me and said "Mom, I need to make an arrow. Can I used one of the feathers from the dead bird Peach caught?"

I then put my head in the sand and went to my happy place of unicorns and rainbows, where dead birds and the west nile don't exit.


I reverted back to my 10-year-old self and made a unicorn bookmark for my Bible.

I really needed this bookmark. Because I like to read two different chapters of the Bible, and the ribbon being tucked into two chapters at once was giving me anxiety.

Currently reading through Psalms and Proverbs. Psalms has been amazing. David's prayers have been directly reflecting my heart lately. And Proverbs? Well, I need wisdom every day and so I think I will need to read a chapter of Proverbs every day for the rest of my life.

I love the bejeweled tush of this unicorn. I am going to open up an etsy shop and sell these bookmarks. Ha. I mean do you think I could get 10 cents each? I could market to 10-year-old girls.

if you are new to my blog. please do not take me too seriously.

And while we are talking about unicorns, I must show you this picture, that Olive Oyl texted a while back, which will forever be emblazoned on my soul. For better or worse.

Ok. I feel better now.


Monday I was shopping with a young girl named Ashanti at Target. While there, we randomly met this very cute 9 or 10 year-old-girl, with strawberry blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes. She was shopping with her father, who kept holding up all these blingy items for her to wear. Where was the mother? I have no idea. Anyway, the father disappeared and the cute girl tried to make friends with us. 

"Hi" she said. 

We then started talking nonstop about clothes and outfits and whatnot. For her back-to-school outfit, she was wearing some jeggings, wild glittery sneaker boots and this unicorn shirt:

I realize it looks extremely gaudy here, but it looked totes adorbs on her and my 10-year-old self almost bought it. Until I realized I was full-grown and would get mocked by my friends for wearing it.

I did have fun helping both of the girls find some cute stuff. You moms of girls sure must have a lot of fun. 


Listen up.

I am turning ON my comments section for a spell, and am going to see how it goes. I turned the comments off like a year or 2 was supposed to be for lent for 40 days...but I kept them off longer because it felt right. I just needed a break, to make sure my head was on straight. And to make sure that my heart was in the right place. It's nice to mix things up a bit though ...and I do love being able to comment on your blogs. I get all angryfists when I'm not allowed to comment.

So here I am, and I kinda feel like the awkward new kid on the block. Um, "hi, my name is Davi". And can someone please tell me what's up with word verification lately? It is getting harder and harder to prove that I am NOT a robot. Like I have to enter the ridiculouslysquished letters and weird low-budget tile number sign(what is THAT THING?) THREE times before it lets me comment. It's killing me.


  1. the whole time i was reading this post i was wishing i could comment....can i tell you how happy i am that you are letting me?!!
    first things first, you win mother of the year for owning a cat and allowing that tower in your home. you're a better woman than i.

    second, your home is far from boring.

    third, i have a proverbs series that will rock your world. you must listen. and you need the books, the treasury of david. life changing!

    moving on, i had no idea you liked unicorns so much. clearly we need to spend more time talking about the important things of life.

    and...if you are missing shopping for girls, i have two and we always accept cute clothes. you do make up for not being able to dress girls, by having the best dress boys. you wanna help with elijah's fall wardrobe?
    finally, i miss you...when did you say you were coming to idaho?? yeah, next summer is too long to wait. how about next weekend.
    maybe you shoud have left comments off... clearly allowing me to comment is not a good idea. i should have just called.

  2. Lol :) yay for comments! Yeah, pretty sure once you grow boobs, the unicorns must go.
    Just think, if you had any girls to shop for, you'd NEVER get a new couch.

  3. I love all this randomness.

    I would totes mock you if you wore that unicorn shirt...
    Haters gonna hate.

  4. YAYYYYYY!!!!

    You are kind of who I want to be. Or, more likely, who I am. Judging from the sameness that you felt reading my blog post, and the sameness I felt reading yours, we really could be the same person.
    Creepy and awesome, all at the same time. Your randomness inspires me ;)
    Your boys are so cool.. from Ollie's lego kittens (how CUTE is that!?!) to Finn's bow and arrow. I love how unique and creative they are. I think I'm going to send Cruz to your house to spend some quality time with them. Ok? ok. :)

  5. I found your blog awhile ago, from Emily at Anderson Family Crew - love reading here! You've inspired me in quite a few ways...I'm always a bit sad I quit blogging after i read here, but I know it's the right choice for now. and I'm so happy I can comment here now!

  6. davi, i just adore your blog and i love reading your posts! you're funny and skinny and i'm jealous of you. p.s. i want a unicorn bookmark like yours

  7. i was just hoping "man, i wish she'd let me leave a comment so i can tell her she IS becoming the cat lady". i mean, really. let's blog about something other than peach. puh-lease.

    i'm totes kidding. you make me want a cat. and then i wake up.

  8. and also. the bedazzled unicorn? can we be best friends IRL yet?

  9. okay, i've decided we need to be IRL friends. i've made this decision for us. now come to texas.

    i'm blowin' up your comments feed.

  10. Hahaha! Eli just saw Finn's Bow & Arrow and he said that it was TOTALLY COOL!

  11. very happy you have opened up the comments! i am a pretty new reader/follower and love it! :)

  12. I'm also super happy you opened up comments! I've felt like a huge stalker this entire time, not being able to tell you what I thought. I love reading your blog!

    Chantal @

  13. ahhhh so many things to say, finally can comment, and now all my words are like ksiechidngkd as they try to come out.

    love your blog. i'll join you with my head in the sand.

  14. eeekkk! ohimsohappyspice that your comments are back on! I almost ALWAYS want to comment on your blog, I don't think you know I follow you and read your every blog post :) I'm Rachel :) hehe I love your blog. Your honesty is lovely. You are lovely. Your photos are lovely. ok enough. I LOVE those Lego kitties!!!!!!! Those are the most precious things ever. Oh I and I just read this, thought you'd love it.

  15. i've wanted to comment on your posts so many times. i guess today is my lucky day. YAY!

    those lego cats are genius, and i'm totally jealous of moms with daughters they MUST have so much fun.

    being a fellow mom of boys i spend A LOT of my days dreaming of rainbows and butterflies (unicorns scare me. and i blame the my little pony cartoon i watched when i was little) all the while pretending that if i move the couch i will not find a booger wiped on the wall.

  16. Jessica and Emily. I will hop on my unicorn bike and pedal my way to Idaho and Texas. Keep a look out for me in oh...October or November.

    and Jess. I need that Proverb series and David books.

    as for Elijah's fall wardrobe. don't look at crewcuts or you'll poke out your eyes from the expense...and the cuteness overload.

    haverlee. well in that case, maybe i can still squeeze into a unicorn shirt;)

    andrea. Cruz can scoot on over here and my boys will teach him how to survive the games.

    Kat. I totally understand your decision not to blog. girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. but maybe one day you can resume blogging if/when it's right for you.

    ozmabomb. um, you should see my abdomen after 4 c-sections. not pretty. but those 4 booger sure were worth it.

    emily. you are going to steal peach, aren't you--it's ollie's worst nightmare come true. and you are too kewl for school with your IRL lingo. at first i thought an IRL friend was some new fangled internet friend, cuz IRL sounds like URL. baha. IN REAL LIFE. I'm so smart(accidentally typed fmart, so now i'm laughing so hard. i'm so mature).

    chantal. i love lurkers. i like to lurk too. ha.

    rachel, you sound lovely too. i will have to read that link.

  17. you just proved how awesomely awesome you are. unicorns and lego cats in one post?! amazeballs. love your blog, as usual...

  18. yay for comments!!! your boys are seriously so cute!! love all of the things you guys have created. oh, and LOVE the unicorn. sometimes when i'm shopping at target i want to buy the cutie girl clothes for my maybe-someday-little-girl. for now, i LOVE dressing my boy :)

  19. You've inspired me to read through provers and psalms too.

    thanks girlie!


    you rock.

  20. Yay for comments being back on!
    That was a looooong Lent, but you do what you've gotta ;)
    I seriously adore your boys. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I only have girls, but I love Finn's imagination. I always anticipate what he will build/create next.

    Huzzah!!! for Hunger Games references, I make them all the time...Have you read Diana Peterfrund's books? Rampant is the first and Ascendant is next. It's about killer unicorns...soooooo then again you might now want to. ;)

    If you ever need a book recommendation just email me. I'll can be your go-to gal.

    1. wahoo! I can reply directly to you! thanks for being so sweet to my boys Jess:)

  21. *not*


  22. I'm so glad you turned comments on, I've wanted to many a time.
    loooooove the bow and arrow.

  23. i'll probably fly out for the next hunger games movie, we can go together.
    you think finn would mind if i borrowed his bow? it would be a fabulous accessory :)

    roman LAYS on all the cats at his gma's house. his adoration for them might be converting me.
    he loves them. but they make me sneeze. oh whatever will i do? i could wear a mask on my nose/mouth?


    i just love you davi :)

  24. I kind of love your blog, like a lot
    I have 3 boys {and a sweet girl}
    My home is all legos and homemade wepons
    I am your newest follower
    so happy I stumbled upon you

  25. just kidding, I can't follow you...
    why can't I follow you?!!

    1. uh. i don't have a button:) and i usually follow people by subscribing to their blog on google reader.

      but i think you can do it by following these directions. hang on. be right back.

      Like someone's blog but don't see the widget? Try this step.
      Make sure you are signed in on your Blogger account.
      Under the 'Reading List' and 'Blogs I'm Following', you should see a 'ADD' button.
      Click on that and type in the URL of the blog you would like updates on.
      Click 'Next' and viola!

  26. Squeal...thanks. :) Now I feel like I can talk to you. :)

  27. sweet!!!!
    of course there's been many a post that i've NEEDED to comment on... and couldn't.
    and now... comments are on... and well...
    i have nothing to say.
    how clever of me, i know!
    really... just want to say "welcome" to the comments club.
    in the most cheerful voice evah!!!
    i promise to be kind... and hopefully funny. ;)