November 14, 2007


Do you feel like you are always rushing around these days?

Sunday mornings are by far the worst. This sunday we actually left for church at 9(it starts at 9).

It was a MAD DASH to get the boys in bed monday night, in time for me and John to watch Heros. More popcorn and smoothies.We are becoming wild party animals around here. If I had my choice, my power would be stopping the clock, so I could FINALLY make it somewhere on time.

Tuesday evening was no exception, as we rushed to get ready for small group. While running around, John informed me that he felt like we were missing someone--apparently a 4th child??? Perhaps a little Maverick would be sweet(I'm sure it would be another boy) though most days it feels like we have an extra kid. Even though Ollie is sleeping like a champ, I am still recovering from all the sleep deprivation. Last time I went to the dermatologist, I asked for advice regarding the bags under my eyes.He said "I normally don't recommend this, but for you, I'd recommend a filler". Yikes. Sounds like a needle is involved. Is that considered plastic surgery?? I will have to get to the bottom of this. Maybe I will just work on my atrocious sleep habits instead.

And then there is the sprint to wednesday morning Bible study. This morning, we actually got ready with 10 minutes to spare. I leisurely clipped Ollie's nails(heaven forbid we be early), because it was going to be his first time in the nursery, and I did not want anyone to think he was neglected. Right on schedule, I backed out of the driveway, when I heard the rumbling of all rumblings exploding from Ollie's diaper. I just cannot win. I rushed him back into the house and thankfully, the diaper contained about 99.99% of the goo. With a little help from the tide-to go pen, we were back on the road in record time. Sadly, I was still a little late to Bible study. At least Ollie did great in the nursery!
Later that evening, I met up with some friends for coffee, and was actually 6 minutes early! It helped that Ollie was my only travelling companion. Ollie also had his 1st Starbucks today.
Ollie, hanging out with drinking buddy Lijah. They are only 2 days apart.

From the rum look on Ollie's face, it's obvious that his coffee was decaf

Random Trivia(Something I read today about a study dedicated entirely to list-makers):
"50% admitted to writing down tasks they have already done, then triumphantly crossing them off. That way, they have a more complete picture of everything they’ve done, plus another opportunity to cross something off. It’s sort of insane how much we love crossing things off, huh?"


  1. good job with all this blogging! maybe i will get back into it. those boys are too cute! if i have known id be in the picture i would have attempted not to be so slouchy. oh well.
    it was great to get together with you girls. im definitely looking forward to doing it again!
    and by the way, i am one of those list makers that sneaks in things ive already done just to mark them off and feel more accomplished.

  2. I see how it is ladies... my son and I are so not cool enough to be invited to coffee. :)

    Props to you for posting a bazillion posts!!! I guess since I expect everyone else to post daily, I should get on the boat and stop doing all my posts once a week...

    Love you and your darling boys!

  3. Well, do you think your'e hubby would let you out at night!?!Besides, we thought you were doing Thanksgiving. Please join us next time!If Mark will let you....:)

  4. Your babe looks like he needs a double shot of espresso! What a cutie and good job for getting out and enjoying a cup of Joe with some girlfriends! Hurrah! Yeah to John for taking the sticky ones! :)

  5. My husband does occasionaly let me out at night... But only if it is somewhere safe and well-lit. :)

  6. So fun for you girls! And the two buddies are too cute together!

  7. we should het all the little buddies together and take pictures!

  8. They would be so cute together. Lorie? Up for a shoot?

  9. YEAH. Now we have another little man to add to the mix. I love the bunches of boys that has bombared the Bridge.

    Wow. Did I just use alliteration? Hmmm... I'm so a 4th grade teacher.