November 10, 2007

just an ordinary day

Today has been a very ordinary day. I like ordinary days. There are no cute pictures of halloween costumes, nor major milestones to report on Ollie. I thought I would do something different this post, and just write about my lovely day. Besides, I've been itching to move past my Halloween post, kind of like how you must clean up Christmas decorations once New Years rolls around, or you feel like you are going to vomit, you are so over it. So here goes. I slept in till 9 this morning, as I do every saturday. I stayed up late last night watching Heros with John. He busted out the popcorn maker and we had ourselves a little party. I know you abandoned Heros, Sara, because you thought last season ended so lame. And indeed it was lame.However, I am completely hooked on Claire Bennet and Peter Petrelli. And last episode was the BEST EVER(even Stein agreed).
Then Natasha called around 9:05, to see if I wanted to go to Strawberry Patches but I had to go to Joanns instead. On the way there, I got a phone call from Ellie and we set up a day for our Christmas photo shoot. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

While in Joanns, Ollie was smiling and laughing non-stop. That was a first. All of my boys act up the instant I step into a fabric store. I got some fabric to make the trim for Sara's imaginary girl blanky. You're probably thinking, she's still working on that silly blanky? I am a bit pokey now that I have 3 boys, and everything ends up getting done in phases. Don't worry though, if Sara has a boy, my sister offered to take the blanky -- It will have a good home with her 4 girls.Then I scooted(well crawled) over the mall to Sephora for my make-up.
It was a total mob scene in the parking lot, with every truck blasting gangsta music. I actually felt nervous, but plunged ahead because I am out of my Bare Escentuals Fairly Light, and figured it was worth risking my life over. Did you know they have a Bare Escentuals color called "Fair" that is actually lighter than Fairly Light? The lady said I could only pull it off if I mixed it with my other colors.

When I got home, John and the boys were crushing water bottles and cans he collected at school. John was unscrewing the lids and dumping the backwash onto my lawn, while the boys were dancing on the cans to crush them. Even though they wore boots and gloves, I am still so grossed out, I am shuddering even thinking about it. I think it is just Y-u-c-k-o. Am I the only one who thinks that? Should I make John stop this nonsense?
During dinner, I spilled corn everywhere, almost broke a glass, and spilled my coke twice, and I'm not even pregnant. Well, John is playing the guitar for Ollie and and the boys are playing imaginary tubas made of string. I cannot miss this orchestra, so I will sign off.


  1. Larry is totally lamenting the fact that he has not watched Heroes this season and I am feeling slightly (only slightly, I say) guilty as this is in large part due to my grumpy attitude about it. Ahh well, hopefully someday he can put the pieces of his life back together.... :)

  2. Oh and I totally understand on the mob mall scene. I usually shop during weekdays but went to Target last Saturday. It felt like Christmas it was so crowded. I felt myself getting all itchy and irritated and feeling like I had more of a right to be there than anyone else! I think I'm becoming agroaphobic (is that the right word?)! And it has me in a bind because with three kiddos, I'm thinking errands on Saturday while daddy is home might become a must!

  3. Ah, yes, the Saturday shopping trip. I never realize how horrid the mall and Target really were on Saturdays until I've experience the weekday, midmorning shopping trip during my little stint as a stay-at-home-mom. Hmmm... how will I ever go back!? I've so enjoyed the carefree, empty aisles... the countless free parking spaces... oh, going back to work just got a tid bit more depressing.

  4. Davi,
    I have been watching heroes all this season and up until the episode fight or flight, this show was written by monkeys. Peter Petrelli is the worst actor on that show and that retard superboy needs to go. Who doesn't think he's going to be a bad guy soon anyway? My biggest problem is that for the first 4 episodes no one has really had a strong purpose. It was bad enough that the season finale had the weakest climax ever, but then to jump in 4 months later? Bad storytelling. But if you don't believe me, Tim Kring talks about the poor second season here:,,20158840,00.html


  6. ok, read the article. But cheesy has always been part of the show's charm. C'mon-Save the cheerleader, save the world?
    John is not a fan of Peter's either. He compares him to the likes of Keau Reeves. Ouch. But did you see the picture I posted? He's just so pretty...
    But I'm right there with you on Superboy. He's a real winner for sure. I about died laughing when he said "shut-up Claire" and kissed her. I need to find that sound bite somewhere...

  7. I love you Davi.

    thats all...I love you.