May 20, 2009


Ollie's diaper came undone so John taped it back up with some masking tape.

when does one officially cross the line between resourceful and just plain cheap??

well, regardless, i found the whole thing pretty amusing.

ollie bummin'

and not because of his ghetto diaper...or the new baby.

poor thing got his fingers slammed in the door tonight by accident


  1. great photo....that little tear. Also congrats on your little twain, love all the pictures. Barbies friend from nyc, misha

  2. He is so adorable...even when upset!

  3. My Lacie got her fingers caught in a door the other day too. She broke my heart when she said "Why did it take you so long to help me?" I swear it was a matter of seconds!
    Has anyone ever told you that your Ollie's eyes are AMAZING! :)

  4. Poor little guy!! :( I hope he's feeling better soon! Sounds like his re-taped diaper was the least of his concerns! LOL!

  5. aw..poor thing.

    He is really cute when he's cryin' though :)

  6. Oh my gosh... this cracks me up because when Logan was a baby... we would duct tape his diapers on him if they would tear or break. We did it a lot more than once. *hides* Ahhh.

  7. that face! poor ollie!
    he would fit in perfectly in my family..there's always room for some duct tape :)
    (& there's always someone getting hurt, too) cute pics..xo.

  8. ive taped many a diapers together. i consider it resourceful...
    but then i also once used a washcloth and towel as a diaper when i was at my inlaws and needed to drive home to get more instead of just buying more down the street :o)
    im so happy i got to see you and meet twain and really bummed it was only the one time and that ollie and lijah didnt get to chill. hopefully it wont be too long before we come out again. im assuming you all decided against that road trip for this summer, eh? :o)

  9. How sweet he is! I just want to give him a squeeze.

    I've done that with the masking tape before but duct tape sticks even better;-)

  10. be still my heart... that sad little face! Those eyes!!

    I love that you taped the diaper. I've done that before too. Diapers are muy expensive... you do what you gotta do. :)

  11. Those perfect tears make me want to cry too. Poor baby.
    Sometimes I can be very pragmatic about the pains of growing up - these life lessons will serve him well. Sometimes. Today I think I will shed a little tear for Ollie.

  12. Aww, poor little Ollie! I recently closed the car door on my little Nathan's hand. Oh I felt just awful!

    And why did I never think to tape a diaper when the stupid tabs ripped off? I threw away many diapers. I read a tip in a parenting magazine about using another diaper on top of the ripped diaper, but then the poor kid ends up with a huge diaper butt. Tape would have been much easier!

  13. Poor little Ollie! His little face in those pictures makes me want to grab him and snuggle him!

    Oh and I have been very creative in saving diapers ... ghetto? Maybe! But worth it! =)


  14. poor boy;(
    if it makes you feel any better we've been out of wipes for over a month and I keep meaning to buy them and then instantly forget. We've been running her bum under the faucet when we have time or using a wet paper towel (can you say rough!) do what you can with what you've got is my motto!