September 5, 2009

big bad kindergartner

After just 2 weeks as a big bad kindergartner, Finn is debuting in his cameo appearance...
I think my favorite part is the slurring lisp from his missing bottom tooth..."oh mother dear, we shadly fear"...that and his stern re-enactment of mother kitten. Goodness, I would not want to be on the tail end of that tongue lashing. My kid is TOUGH STUFF. Until he rolls over at the end. Reminds me of drum lessons...reading music with Mr. Canaan, as serious as can be...then all of a sudden, Finn is upside-down, on his head saying "wanna see something silly?"

Finn has been learning nursery rhymes all week at school and came home with a booklet he was VERY proud of. He was fairly bursting at the seams last friday when he presented me with his literary masterpiece...

...and many other nursery rhymes were included.

Not wasting any time, he quickly began indoctrinating Calvin. He taught him all of the nursery rhymes starting with Jack Be Nimble, Jack be Quick...

When I asked Calvin how his recitations of the nursery rhymes were going he said, "I can't renember my verse". He thought Finn was teaching him more bible verses from AWANA. Ha.

Well, Finn is a pretty strict instructor, and so Calvin can now recite Humpty Dumpty and a few others. Finn even made Calvin draw exact pictures of every nursery rhyme, just like the ones he drew in class. "Draw the circle just like this one Calvin..."

Finn cannot help it. Teaching is in his blood. Should make for an interesting year.


  1. He is so cute, I love the missing tooth. How cute that he is teaching Calvin! Calvin will always be a step ahead in school with the help of his big brother. I am so glad Finn is enjoying school. Oh and jumping over the candle stick ... classic! =)

  2. Soo cute! You really have such a smart boy on your hands (all four, I'm sure). Serioulsy...some of my sixth graders don't draw that well. I love the mentoring.

  3. Oh, that is so cute Davi. I'm so glad he's enjoying school.

  4. "...shadly fear" I love it. And the bodyless kittens...and Calvin's expression as he is learning BIG stuff. My boys..

  5. a&e were captivated by finn's performance! :) good job, buh-ddy!

  6. Love it! These little ones are going to be smarty pants by kindergarten! Ella teaches mine more than I ever could!

  7. he is just so dang old. how did that happen??? love the jumping pics =)

  8. So cute! Calvin sure will be ready when kindergarten finally comes his way!

  9. SO CUTE!!!!
    Oh silly boys, my Isaiah does the same thing, the rolling over at the end and such? When we do homework or read together, LOL weirdo's :D
    My Malachi says "renember" haha!! I had to grin and giggle when i read that

  10. I love how Finn is teaching Calvin!! So sweet. I find Emma doing the same for Annabelle too. I think these oldest children of ours like to be the "big bad kindergartners" :)

    Your pictures are perfect, love them!!

    I hope your schedule has gotten a bit easier and things are running along smoothly over there for you. I've been thinking of you!!