January 19, 2011

pumpkin family 2010

Last year I hosted my very first Pumpkin Family{2009}

And now presenting our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Family {2010}

I was planning on posting this a while back but never got around to it. Better late than never is my motto these days.

I hunted down each pumpkin so it would fit into its corresponding gnome hat. Because I am slightly nutty like that.

The pumpkins that represent me and John:

Along with our kiddos.

All was calm and serene until certain little people happened onto the scene with their Nerf blasters.

Because pointed gnome hats apparently make AWESOME target practice for little boys.
The wreckage I tell you! It's more than any pumpkin family should have to endure. Better luck next time little pumpkin family.


  1. I don't this could be any cuter - I absolutely love this!

  2. love this! you should keep those up year round.

  3. that is awesome!!
    so creative!!
    I love your new blog look, btw!

  4. You're kids are so lucky to have such a crafty, fun Momma. How awesome that they are surrounded by such cool things.

  5. I love your little pumpkin families, this year was my fave! The new layout of your blog is amazing too! I obviously do not stop by enough these days.

  6. So cute! I LOVE your boys....and you.

  7. oh this is good. this is reeeeeaalllllll good :)
    me thinks your boys are the cutest, and i love their play, such imaginations they've got :)

  8. how come your so adorable. Doesnt seen right to be that cute!

  9. this is adorable. I love your creativity!

  10. So very, very cute! You should definitely keep doing this as an annual thing.