January 6, 2011

target hooked me up.

Remember when John told me we did not have enough Christmas decorations?

A few days later, John instructed me to go to Target to buy some Christmas presents for Tweetle and Ollie.

As I was meandering the aisles for toys, I somehow ended up by the Christmas ornaments.

Ya know, just somehow...

And some yarn bird ornaments caught my eye.

I bought a few of these yarn bird ornaments and a little itty bitty tree.

I was hoping that John would be pleased that I bought some Christmas decor, but he was not.

"I thought you told me we needed more Christmas stuff!" I said.

"I meant you should buy it after Christmas, when it goes on sale", he replied.

"Oh" says me, completely dejected.

But he let me keep my little set-up. I bought some of it with my own spending money and he bought the rest. I originally bought some wooden beaded garland to string on the tree. I was going to paint them mustard yellow.

But those wooden beads are sneaky and slippery and were too heavy for my tiny tree.

So I used my mustard pom-poms instead.

I think next year I shall put mustard pom-poms on my big tree too.

I found the blue/white rosette flower in my fabric stash.
(I made it a while ago and was going to put it on a pillow, but it never made the final cut)
I used it as my star to top the tree, as you can see.

It took me a while to figure out where to put my new tree.
I think it's going to nestle in my front living room, by my green curtains.

After Christmas, I ended up going back to Target and bought yarn birds in all 4 colors for my big tree:
red, green, purple and teal.

On sale, the birds were $2 each.

I like them very much. And I like Target too.


  1. Totally love the birds and ditto on loving Target. Great find!!!

    We have a ton of glass ornaments on our tree, but I often wonder what we'll use once we have little hands that are prone to breaking glass. Something like this will be great, I'll def. keep in in mind. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. so cute!
    so creative!!

    i love target too!!

  3. I love your new little while tree - it's so cute! And YAAY for Target's after Christmas sale!

  4. I love my birds. I love target. And the fabric that you made into a flower for the tree topper is the fabric I covered my bedroom chair with. Of course we would match. Duh.

  5. That is SO adorable!!! I love everything about your tree; I want it :) I didn't see those birdies at Target - or else I would have snatched up a few. Are you talking about the red wooden beads from Target? I bought those but never found a spot for them :(

  6. Hah, Yup! I went to Target for Christmas decorations too and ended up with an awesome little gold armadillo (he made eyes at me- I could not resist.) and some of those yarn birds too! I also got these teal, orange and green wooden snowflakes. I Love Target! And your tree is adorable!

  7. i like you, target, birds and everything you write about and photograph.

    have a happy weekend, my friend :)

  8. cuuuuute! i didn't see those there either! boo. if that were my tree, it might just hafta stay up all year long. you know, for good measure. and because christmas always sneaks up so dang fast anyways. less work, ya know?

    love you! miss you! bye!

  9. is that a michelle underwood freebie?!?!?!?!

  10. haha Katy, yes, it was a M.U. freebie. Look at you! All in the know:)

    can't believe i wasted them on this post, LOL.

  11. eeek eek eek! love those birds! target seriously had some gems this Christmas. Too bad my envelopes were all empty. boo. :(

  12. Absolutely loving the fonts you've been using in this and previous posts! Do you have a preferred source?

  13. I saw those birds and thought they were so adorable. Score that you got so many on sale after Christmas! I need to get a theme going on my tree, but it seems like a lot of work.

  14. Those birds are totally adorable.

  15. hey, lady! i don't know if you saw my stalking comments about your blankets and other fabulous work but, i have a little nephew who's birthday is coming up so email me if you are making and selling your GORGEOUS stuff! xo


  16. They are soooooooo adorable! Target sales are so exciting. :D These pics are awesome.