March 20, 2011

dandelion love.

Twain is obsessed with his black utilitarian boots.

He absolutely loves them and INSISTS on wearing them everywhere we go.

"Boops, mommmmmmmy!" he squeals in excitement. "Baby put za boops on foots" he tells me(or some equivalent thereof).

Which is fine by me since he can put them on all by himself. It can be quite the fiasco each morning getting shoes on all of their {combined} 8 feet.

Lately we have been enjoying{mauling} the dandelions that seem to have obsessively popped up all over the green belt.

Why hello little tush.

Around here we show our deep love and respect for dandelions by stomping the tar out of them.

Twain and Ollie call them flowas(flowers).

oooooh i love 'dose squishy cheeks!