March 7, 2011

why, hello kitty.

Recorded in our family record book

Finn: "Calvin, You're gonna get Hello Kitty for your birthday"

Calvin(an eeping pile of misery): "sniff...hiccup...wail...sob...sniff...hiccup...squeak...but....I...don't ....want...Hello...Kitty...sob...sniff...."

I did not know whether to reprimand Finn for tormenting his younger brother.

Or to laugh at Calvin's unbelievable hysterics.

Because, um, hello. Who wouldn't want Hello Kitty for their birthday?

Later, I found a suspicious piece of paper on Finn's bed.

I lunged at the paper with great interest. But that Finn-cat was too slick and sly for me. He snatched the paper and crumpled it into a ball. He then chucked it under his bed, shrieking, "NO!"

Of course I dove under the bed and grasped the crumpled paper til it was safely in my clutches:

Ok, five bucks for the person who can tell me what's wrong with the above picture.

a) the cat looks nothing like Hello Kitty
b) the cat looks more like a mouse
c) it's spelled Hello Kitty. Not Hellow Kitty
d) all of the above.

If you answered d, you are correct. You can collect your $5 at the end of lent.

So I printed up a picture of Hello Kitty and sat the boys down for a lecture. I firmly explained the rules of this household:

If you are going to draw a picture of Hello Kitty, you better draw her right. And spell her name right.

Not bad for Finn's first(or second) attempt. Though I find the horns a tad distracting.

And by Calvin. 

Once again, not bad for a first attempt. Though she looks a bit she has aged quite a bit. Perhaps she's in her 70's or early 80's?? All she is missing is her cane.