November 18, 2007

and the blanky goes to... little niece, Ansley:
Poor little Ansley lost her other blanky, so this works out perfectly!

kitties struttin their stuff
This blanky was originally sewn for Sara's baby, but SURPRISE! A baby boy! Makes me 0 for 4 on all Chambless babies. Congratulations to Larry and Sara on the birth of Grady William. I'm thrilled beyond words that the boys are finally starting to rule the roost.
Other happenings...Ollie is 5 months old today and had his first rice cereal:
He scarfed it like a wild mashugina(sp?)!
I later walked into the living room and laughed out loud at this:
grey kitty (aka "baby Finn") in his high chair
It's remarkable how closely "baby Finn" and Ollie track in their development :)
One more Finn creation:
pink guitar he drew for mommy

We saw a cute pink guitar in a JC Penney flier and my dear boy thinks I'm getting it for Christmas. Last year I got socks, but who knows!


  1. What a great blanky.... You did a wonderful job.... Eli was pretty amazed at finn's guitar. nice job!


    That's me screaming with joy at the new blankie for Ansley. Thank you Davi!!! It's beautiful.

    Finny is so funny. I love the "high chair". And the pink guitar-who couldn't use a pink guitar?

  3. Oh how I love love love to read your blog and laugh at your witty thoughts! Your blankets are beautiful. Is it okay to say that I like Brookie's best? You are a rare gem Davi! I love you!

  4. this is a great post! yay for ollies tummy with big boy foods and yay for 5 months for our boys!
    the pink guitar is awesome, i hope you get it :)
    i loooooooooooooooooooooove that blanket and hope to coerce you into teaching me to make such cool things one day.