November 23, 2007

the family

We always celebrate Thanksgiving at my parent's house. We usually end up watching movies like The Crawling Eye or King Kong but this time we got to watch The Princess Bride. Finn and Calvin were glued to the tube watching the sword fighting and the MGM lion roaring at the beginning. Grandpa Billy once let them watch the lion roar over and over and over...

Cousin Jared, the Cardiologist--No lie!
Jared's wife June(also a doctor) and their adorable son Luke

The twins--Jamie and Hayley. They always look this cute.

Jamie with her hubby Nate

Hayley and Nick, the newlyweds

Uncle Pat hanging out with Nick

Aunt Nanie and mom, 2 Jewish sisters
-well, now they are Christian, but the Jewish blood still runs strong. Jewish moms are properly neurotic, constantly bundling up their kids and obsessing over their eating habits. I'm convinced that's where I get it from.
Me and Ollie. What, no hat for Ollie?? I guess I'm finally mellowing out.

Finny and daddy. This is the 1st picture of John on my blog.

Daddy and Ollie

Finny with his Auntie Lindsay.
We celebrated Lindsay's birthday that night. Traditionally, Lindsay makes her own cake because mom is so busy cooking turkey, but this time Hayley made cupcakes. Happy Birthday Lin!
Dad and Lindsay

The boys love their "Gah-gum Del "

Finny and Calvin played with the almonds and walnuts all night.

Last, but not least, dad

This is for you Jess! My sister Jessica, her husband Steve and their 4 girls (Tacy, Emily, Kate and Ansley) live out of state. You were missed!


  1. Love the one of the boys fully focused on the TV! ...and your dad looks like one tough cookie :)

    So fun to be with family!

  2. Thanks Davi! I almost feel like I was there!

    Looks like mom is still buying those same old nuts?

    Everyone looks great! The boys are so adorable!

  3. Hi Davala! Cute the pic of Calvin and Fin with Unt-Del! I hope to see you on christmas eve...keep me posted!

  4. Jamie! Hi!So far so good for Christmas Eve..It looks like we are doing breakfast/brunch here with John's fam, and then will leave here around 4:30 to go to your mom's house. Can't wait!!!

  5. Davi you look just like your sister! I love the boys playing in the nuts! So cute!

  6. ive said it before and ill say it again, your boys are so beautiful! you inspire me to have a houseful of males.
    yes we are back home now. it was a really great trip, i plan to post pictures soon.
    i would LOVE to have you help me make elijah a blankey! tell me when and what i need to do to get it ready and ill be there.
    we should do dessert like mentioned before. or something.
    hope youre having a lovely day.