January 10, 2009

Calvin's flippers

John made Calvin some flippers the other day.

Because every sea turtle needs a good pair of flippers, ya know.

That, and we are very fond of the silly over here!

Some of you asked for an update on the decorating. All I have to say for that is oi. Give me time. My sinuses are still protesting. After 3 sinus rinses, I feel as though I've been dragged across the Pacific Ocean.

First of all, grey is a trixy, sneaxy color to paint on one's walls. We settled for granite grey and John painted the whole great room and kitchen. I watched from the safety of my couch.

In some parts of the house, it looks good.

In other parts...hm. Is that a hint of blue or purple I see trying to break through the grey?

Then today, John tried another grey. At first John seemed to like it a lot better. Now he says it's drab. I would ask for your opinions, but since every computer moniter is different, that would not work.

And then there was the bus incident. A bright yellow bus parked itself in my kitchen for a few days.
Between the arch and my cutout squares, it really did look like a bus. Honest.

It had to go.

And you don't even want to know what happened with the blue fabric for the curtains--you can kind of see it peeking through the right square. Mainly, the scale is too small. From a distance it looks pale blue with stars. Thankfully it was dirt cheap and was not a huge loss. When I am feeling better, I will show you what I ended up using instead.

Everything is turning out different than I thought. Everything is harder, especially when I am too sick to do anything about it. But, one thing I can say. Despite all of these hang-ups, I am LOVING the new direction. It's just going to take a little time to hammer out all the kinks.


  1. That's so frustrating when paint doesn't do what you think it will! I agree...it did look bus like.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. The good thing about paint is that it is easy to fix. I can't tell you how many times I've painted a room and hated it and changed it. You'll get it. I hope you feel better soon. It is such a drag to be sick and preggers at the same time. Ugh!

  3. Yellow is hard... I painted my kitchen yellow and tried to convince myself for SO LONG that I loved it, when really it looked like someone vomited mustard all over my walls. Now it is a beautiful shade of green/grey (which is a color I saw in Gretchen and Mike's old apt. and LOVED.).

    I LOVED your grey! I didn't see blue in it at all. Of course, I'm terrible at picking out colors, and have repainted every room in my house except the laundry room, so what do I know?! :)

    CAN'T WAIT to see it all put together... you know I had to come home and stare at my new curtain fabric and say, "You still loves this... even though Davi's new curtains are fabuloso!" ;)

  4. Oh, you have so much patience! Usually, even when I hate it, I just keep it cuz it's so much work to start over! Yellows are so hard. I don't think I've ever had one that I loved...wait, I do really like the one in Gray's room right now - but that is the only one! And yet I keep trying and trying them. I need to learn my lesson!

  5. The flippers are so very cute! And I hear you on paint colors. I do not pick the best colors and always seem to be a little disappointed once the painting is done. I'm sure you will find the perfect colors and fabrics!

  6. Oh man, I'm not good with figuring out paint colors either. We repainted our yellow bedroom a lovely shade of grey that I copied out of a pottery barn cataogue. I just took the mag. in and kept holding color swatches up until I found the right one. Maybe that's a good strategy for you. You'll have to have a little potluck/picnic this spring on your lovely back deck so we can all come over and admire your new decorating. (you like how I invited myself over? ;) )

  7. I can't imagine the amount of tape you must go through in your house! I think every one of your boys creations involve tape! Its so cute. I was that way with scotch tape growing up... and I've yet to live it down.

    Hope you're feeling better soon! Can't wait to see the finished rooms too.

  8. I am SO glad you are feeling better girlie!
    We are painting right now also and I am SO over it! We are going to try sponging next weekend ... keep us posted! =)

  9. I actually like the yellow in the pic, however I CAN see the resemblance of a school bus AND I can also see how it could be overwhelming to live with that color. :) Can't wait to see what you end up with!