January 17, 2009

look, i'm guido!

At the dinner table last night Calvin said, "Look, I'm Guido!" as he held two chicken strips in his hands, fork-lift style, just like the character Guido in the movie Cars.

there were sound effects

Yes, the movie Cars has hit our house big time. We were babysitting cousin Lukey and he brought the movie with him. The boys fell in love with the movie(same makers as Nemo, for Pete's sake!), and the rest is history. The boys begged us for the movie. John asked if he could buy the boys the flick and I answered "No" (for many reasons).

I resisted.

And resisted.

And lost.

All 3 boys pitched in for the movie. Even little Ollie had to make his financial contribution. After all, he is the biggest movie fan of us all.
And of course, no film critique is complete without Finn's rendering.

I am particularly fond of his Mader(MADR).

And though there are many parts of the movie I am not happy about, the end is redeeming.

And you know you are officially pregnant when you are teary-eyed at the end of an animated race-car movie! 


  1. Umm... I want some chicken fingers now. That's probably really random.

  2. Again so cute! Good for you to resist as long as you did. And I cried at the end of American Idol on Tuesday, and I'm not even preggers. I just cry at everything ever since I had my son.

  3. awww I love that movie! There's just something about those Pixar flics! They did Monsters too right? So cute that they all pitched in financially :)

  4. Davi- seriously, what an incredible Mommy who has a blast with what her boys love to do. Something tells me your home is going to be (and is!) a place where your boys can be exactly who they are and praised for it. Soooo neat.

  5. Haha! I have yet to see that entire movie... but from what I've seen its super cute. :-) Does that mean Nemo is OLD NEWS now?

    Hmmmm... chicking fingers.

  6. My nephews are also deeply smitten with Cars.
    Have you seen Wall-E yet? Also by Pixar...and the story is good through and through with visually very enjoyable scenes for us adults too.
    My daughter loves Wall-E. I haven't let her see Cars, probably will be able to avoid that until the next visit to the nephews...
    LOVE the drawings. His so talented!

  7. I love that they pitched in to buy the movie...what a good lesson that they can't just get everything they want because they ask for it!

    And I love the creativity with the fork lift!

  8. I am sure i know the parts which you are speaking of.... We took Eli to the movies to see it when it first came out... He was pretty young to understand the crass-ness in it. When it came out of video his Nana bought it for him - again still to young. Then all of a sudden the questions started flowing in. We put the video away for a bit.. Then let him watch it a few weeks ago. He said "if i don't understand it, i'm not going to ask". I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing ;)

    I do love the pictures that Finn draws... Very creative.

  9. I just read your bit about "you know your pregnant if..." I hear ya. When i was pregnant with Eli *very very pregnant* Gabe and I watched the horse movie Spirit. There's one part in the movie when you think Spirit's girlfriend *horse* is going to die and I LOST IT. Sobbing and using tissue after tissue...

  10. We watch this movie incessantly around here. We also have to buy the Cars pull-ups otherwise there are tears and squawking when its time for new underpants. And yeah, being pregnant makes me tear up at the end of this movie too. Ryan had to buy this one with his birthday money.

  11. Your boys are just too darn cute. Maybe one day when my dad has his bee truck in town, I'll have him swing over to your hood so that they can ride a forklift. But you'll have to make me chicken fingers as payment ;)

  12. oh how I love that movie! and now our boys can watch it together, and whatever house they're at=)

    and seriously, that finny kills me.
    the drumming, the drawing. ugh. i die.

    and gege, don't get me started on that squishy boy.

    and ollie, a movie lover, after my own heart.

    love you friend. i'm feeling a pj day together coming on....

  13. I have yet to see Cars... but I can imagine excatly how beloved it would be in your house full of boys. :)
    I too am so impressed by Finn's Mater! Maybe you have a little future Disney artist on your hands...

  14. C Sherm--Nemo is still VERY MUCH part of the whole equation over here! Finn's new sport is driving Nemo around in his fake McQueen car--all over the house, all day:)

  15. I love Cars! It seems like there are aren't nearly as many movies geared for little boys, so Cars was a nice change for all those boys out there!
    Hope your feeling good with your pregnancy!

  16. Oh my goodness how do you not just kiss him to death every second?! He is absolutely, perfectly, adorable!
    My nephews went through a MAJOR Cars thing ... I have seen that movie one too many times!

  17. Well I'm certainly glad I'm not the last person on the planet to see that movie! I just watched it a few weeks ago for the first time and I was certain I was WAY out of the loop! HA! I thought it was a really cute movie. And I adore how passionate your boys become about their Disney characters! Precious!!

  18. much to my delight, elijah has taken after calvin and finn- he is obsessed with kitties!
    hope youre doing well*love