March 17, 2009

gearing up

Yesterday  I got a message on my cell from the nutritionist, Tina...

"make sure when you take your new glucose test that you have your blood drawn just 1 hour after eating, NOT 2 hours...when pregnant, sugars spike highest after just 1 hour...

I called back and said "I already took the test saturday, and they drew blood after 2 hours"...whine, whine...

"Ok", Tina said sympathetically. Don't worry. We'll just test again in another month."

"Um, my baby is scheduled to arrive in 6 1/2 weeks".

Does that sound soon to anyone? 

But I'm not freaking out because,

Look at me! I'm semi-prepared! I feel so much better.

And you will all be relieved to hear that most major brands of bottles, pacis and sippies at Target are now BPA free! 

I know you will all rush out and throw out your toxic sippies, ri-iii-ght?

Back to Tina.

"Oh, 6 1/2 weeks? Well then. We don't really need to test again. Your sugars weren't that high. Rest assured that you and your baby are in no danger. Let's just tweak your diet a bit in the meanwhile".

And by tweak, that means: 

eat a protein EVERY time you have a carb. 
eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day, each with protein and carbs
avoid table sugars, brown sugars and honey
i'm allowed treats(cake) on special occasions, but make sure to eat it with dinner:)

So, that's pretty much it. Pretty anticlimactic after all that fuss. I'm disappointed that I don't get to go back to my reckless way of life, but happy not to test blood sugars and do insulin.

So, now I just need a special occasion. My anniversary isn't for 2 weeks. Anyone think I can make it til then?

It feels like I'm doing lent. But I'm not. One of John's students gave up ALL sweets and fast food for lent. She claimed that was much easier for her than giving up texting. She texts like 100 times a day. Kids are insane.

I could soooo toss my cell in the ocean over giving up sweets, but to each his own!

So, just plugging along here. 
Though I'm semi-prepared for baby, I still have a lot to do. My front living room is still waiting for another coat of paint. It's all taped and ready, but hubby got sick this weekend. In the meanwhile I'm sewing a lot and working on shirt orders. Back to the grindstone.


  1. You are so ridiculously adorable and I cannot BELIEVE you are only 6 1/2 weeks away from giving birth.

    And I am not only impressed that you are so prepared with baby items, but that you are so prepared with baby items when this is your fourth child.

    If you need me to make any lists for you or run errands to get stuff, let me know. You know it would make my day! Relax girlfriend, enjoy your last few weeks with ONLY three children! :)

  2. I think I might hate you just a tiny bit for looking so cute when you are only 6 1/2 weeks away! But I totally love you because you feel exactly the same way about sweets as I do. I've given them up for my diet and I'm going nuts. I would much rather live without my cell fact, I hate my cell phone! You look great!

  3. um, is me coming over enough to celebrate? what if I only brought like 2 cupcakes a piece? and we ate a big lunch with them? I totally think that qualifies=)

    you are SO cute. and I can't wait to see your latest shirts=)

  4. You're only 6 1/2 weeks away??? wow! I didn't realize!! You DO look adorable, and I'm so glad you are not in danger of gest diabetes. Can't wait to see your new little one!! =)

  5. Oh my goodness! You are sooooo cute!! Love that shirt! And I can't believe you are only 6 1/2 weeks away... because basically once your baby comes, mine is just around the corner! EEKS!!!

    Can't wait to see you on Friday! :-)

    (Oh... and giving up sugar? Good luck with that one. It was the greatest news ever when I found out I passed my glucose test! I mean MY BIRTHDAY is coming up in 5 weeks!!! And I must prepare by eating as much Easter candy as possible.)

  6. I seriously cannot believe that you are going to be holding a newborn in your arms in less than 2 mos, you look phenomenal!
    haha, i'm with the girl who can't give up texting, I would die without my cell! ;D

  7. did you make your fingers do the "i love you" sign on purpose? cos thats really cute. and you and your belly are *darling*
    im glad it was not very high and i sooo feel for you with having to sacrifice sugars. not fair.
    but soon you will be nursing again and can eat anything at all and soo much of it!
    thats great about the sippies too and im proud of you for being semi prepared already!

  8. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pregnant pictures.

    I vaguely remember eating by those rules late in pregnancy. I didn't have any blood sugar issues, but those midwives like to push the nutrition. Just a short year later, it is work to limit myself to two cups of coffee per day, and I literally can not count how many cookies I ate today. Stick with it and you can revel in nutritious self-righteousness.

  9. Oh my goodness, look how adorable you are. And I'm with you... so happy that so MANY things are BPA free now.

  10. You are so cute! I am so excited that you are so close! We will have to have a play date. ;)

    You put me to shame with all your preparedness.. I have one bottle (from registering, a pack of onsies and a big box of diapers from my MIL) LOL Pathetic I know.

    I'm with Olive Oyl.. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  11. I love that pic of you!! Your hair is SO cute and so is your shirt! YAY for your sugar levels being sorry you have to give up on sweets, but it's just for a few more weeks and you'll get to jump back to your old ways! ;)

    BTW-did I ever tell you how much I love your new page layout and pics?! Well, if I didn't, I meant to. But I can't wait till you update it with the new baby too! And what if it's a girl...where will she fit into the "band"?! :) Can't wait to find out!!

  12. You're so cute! Yeah for being prepared. I'm still not ready yet since we are moving this weekend... Yes, it's crazy around here. I still need to get the car seat ready and gather furniture from all the people that are giving it to me... Fun times!

  13. I can't believe that you have only 6.5 weeks left! This has been the fastest pregnancy ever (for me, LOL!)! And you look so bee-u-tee-ful, Davi!

  14. BPA
    Yeah they are making most stuff BPA free now so that is super awesome, and it is not the most expensive stuff anymore =)

    Yeah not so much ... people text me and I rarely text them back ... how do people have all this time to text all day? It is too time consuming for me ... pick up the phone and call!

    Is it actually dangerous for you to break the rules? Because if not ... you should just keep eating cake! But I will plan on bringing you some super gooey brownies after baby is born =) You can have sugar then right??

    How do you look so perfect!? Can you host come classes on how to look so adorable while 8 months pregnant?! Please? I would sign up and come!

  15. You look adorable, d! love the braids and tee!