March 18, 2009

spot your leader

Tonight, I escorted Finn to Sparkies, while John took Calvin to Cubbies. I walked into Finn's little room and noticed that his little teenage helper had hundreds of red spots on her. I tried to inspect her, but I did not want to seem intrusive or rude.

What kind of rash did this poor bespeckled girl have? I had never seen the likes of it before.

I nervously left Finn in the room, with the plague.

Honestly, I wanted to grab him and run for the hills.

I walked out and found John on the lawn. "Honey", I said, "Finn's leader is COVERED in a wild rash. What should we do? I don't want to catch anything dangerous for the baby. Would I look ultra rude and paranoid taking him home? Should I ask someone?"

"Whatever you feel comfortable doing, is fine with me", he said.

I tentatively walked up to the front desk and asked the lady in a tiny whisper,

"Um, is Finn's leader ok?" I asked.

She walked into Finn's room and then came back laughing, "Oh she's fine. It's 'spot your leader night'. Every time a kid says a section they get to mark her with a pen. She just went a little overboard and covered herself with red marker...I thought it was chicken pox at first. She's fine."

Good grief.

So yah, I'm a big dork. Hopelessly neurotic. 

It happens regularly with me. I was due for a spectacle.


  1. Too funny. Glad she was ok. But, I have to notice that John left it totally up to you. My hubby does that, too...when he doesn't want to make a decision. Drives me crazy!! =)

  2. I would have done the same thing... and no - once i would of told Gabe about the mysterious rash he would of gone in and pulled Eli out in a heart beat.. He freaks out over that kind of thing - we probably wouldnt of been able to find out that it was marker.....

    That is pretty funny!!!!

  3. Ha! That was great! I would have been just like you....totally paranoid. Gotta love a story like that!

  4. Pregnant or not...a rash is scary stuff! I don't label you as neurotic at all! :) However, the outcome of the story is quite comical!! HEHE!

  5. hahahahaha=) I love your neurotic self!!

  6. I probably would have done the same thing. haha

  7. HAHAHAHA!! Oh man, I know I would have been just as freaked out. Don't feel too bad. How fun for the kids!!!!

  8. my husbans wishes i was like that! lol


  10. question? How did you put three pictures together like that? Was it a prograpm you already have? i would like to make one. If you get a change would you let me know?

  11. Ewww...I would be freaked out too...rashes are nasty little boogers. Are awanas at the bridge? or do you take the boys somewhere else?

  12. That is tooooooooo funny! I love it! I so would have done the same! I don't think I would have even asked, I would have just turned around and walked out and asked my kid if ice cream sounds better than AWANA's tonight (to avoid my child making a scene)! Davi you make me laugh =)