March 10, 2009


What's a girl to do when she has a hankerin' to play dress up with her 3 boys?

Why, she plays dress up with her 3 boys of course!

Especially when she finds some old man-ish retro bowling shirts and wool plaid trousers(by Knuckleheads, old fall line).

And then she proceeds to drag them all downtown to an old brick building for pictures. 

We got there late afternoon, but the sun was still too strong for poor Gege's eyes.

Actually the sun was too much for everyone, and so I failed, yet again, to capture that elusive shot with all 3 boys together. These were the only few I managed to get, and they were not that great. 

The sun pains my eyes looking at this shot.

I don't know why I thought I would be able to get a decent shot of all 3 boys together, at this stage of my pregnancy, where I can barely get up and down...but a girl can dream, right? Even if I could move like a gazelle(which I most certainly cannot), I would still not be able to outrun Ollie. He cannot stand still longer than 1 second. 

Finn tried to set up Ollie's bowling pins for him,

but that little stinker just took the ball and ran for his life. He bawled his eyes out if anyone came near his beloved wooden ball.

Finn and Calvin doing bumps.

They love each other. They are always together, rolling around like puppy dogs.

Finn looking particularly somber. He really was quite chipper that day!

And finally, the sun started to settle down. 

Next step? Getting a few photos developed for my funky old window frame. Friday I had it dismantled into 3 pieces, so now I have 3 frames. I will show you later.

So yay, another project almost done before baby comes!


  1. Your boys are so adorable! I like all the shots....major sun or not! :)

  2. Oh your little Finn is so emo. :) haha. You look amazing as usual. Can't wait to see what you have in store for these great pictures. You always have the best projects.

  3. man, you make cute kids! :) and, you my dear are so so purty! love the new blog design too!! awesome!

  4. your boys look adorable as usual but I just had to comment on the photo of you. I think you look stunning! Pregnancy suits you :)

  5. great photo shoot, dee! the boys look so cute, and ollie is so so so precious. did his ball get scratched up on that rocky ground? You look great too. can't wait to see your finished frame.

  6. I think they turned out adorable... got to hand it to you for going that wonderful extra mile to make all of the boys match... I love it and i know i have said this before - but i def want to be you when i grow up ;) i can say that cause your a tiny bit older than me ........

  7. OMG... I'm sooooo going to be doing this to my kids too! I love family photo sessions! And I'm gad you got a picture of you taken too. Except... I can't see the baby bump!!! Not acceptable! :-)

  8. P.S. There is an antique store here that sells TONS of those old windows and i wanted to turn it into a frame like you did. I was just curious on the steps you took to make it hang-able. Did you change out the glass? Did you back the pictures?? I REALLY want to put one up in our house.

  9. Great pics D-- boys look so cute and you look lovely in that shot!

  10. 1)your boys in those little old-man outfits are simply and utterly adorable.
    2)I think your pictures turned out GREAT< and I love that you took your family on a photoshoot-- you are fabulous.
    3)you look gorgeous, AND, we have the same yellow necklace! Necklace twins!
    4)LOVIN the new blog look, it is so cute. I especially love the sidebar with the pictures and descriptions of your boys. So perfect!

  11. You are SO talented! You take such fun pictures ... and you make such cute kids that make it easy to take perfect pictures! They just play right along with you don't they?! Peyton kinda runs from the camera =( I love the new layout also! AMAZING!

  12. Way cute pics! You can always spot another Dave Ramseyite when you see them making references to gazelles.

  13. love your great shots of your adorable boys! i keep seeing glimpses of the priest girls in them... precious.

  14. I'm dying over the clothes! OMIGOSH DAVI. you are too much. seriously. I love you.

    why haven't we done second trimester pictures??? I think you're already in your third! QUick we need to do more!=)

  15. Hi! So..I totally have been reading your blog since october, I think.

    I just wanted to finally think I found you through Talia a long time ago, I adore her!

    I think your boys are the cutest in their little old man stuff :)

  16. i love dressing up my boys! i love those clothes were did you get them??

  17. Thank you all for your super sweet comments. Really, you are too kind!

    J-Ollie's ball did not get dinged up too bad!

    Kiley-you are too funny. I think I love you just how your are:)

    SeeSherm-I usually screw a "tooth bracket" into the frame and just hang it on the wall with a nail. I usually tape the photo on back. Once we tried to lock in the photo with a staple gun and the glass shattered! Glass people charge a lot for glass. In the future, I would probably have glass cut at home depot and then glue it in with silicon myself.

    Talia! So fun to be your necklace twin. John got it for me for Christmas(of course I helped find it, bid on it and buy it!)

    Tristan! Hello and welcome. Any friend of Talia is a friend of mine:)

    Cheatwoods-I got the knucklehead clothes online and on ebay(They were from an old line, so most of them were clearanced or sold out...)

  18. Your new layout is ADORABLE! GOOD JOB! :)

  19. Every time I think your boys couldn't possibly get ANY cuter...they do!!! How is it even possible?! You're such a cute little mommy...I just love reading about all of your adventures with your 3 boys!