March 30, 2009

pans out?

"I'll let you know if this whole project pans out".
Famous last words. I believe that is where we left off from my previous post.

Well, you could say it panned out, alright. Right out of the pan and onto my living room carpet.

When the paint container jumped out of my hands and fell face down, I screamed so loud, John thought my water broke. 

Happy Anniversary honey!(We went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary that night).
For better or for worse, right?

John's exact words were, "It doesn't surprise me that this happened". 

???? On hindsight, I wonder what he meant by that. 

He was actually very gracious and understanding about my little spill. 
I cannot say the same for Finn.

"Mommy, you need to be more careful", he said.

And pointing at the seams on my shorts, "Mommy your shorts are inside-out".
No mercy, I tell you! Thank you, my first-born.

Where was my drop cloth, you wonder? In the garage. I have learned my lesson. I used it for the remainder of the project. But I am partially blaming gravity for this accident. If it weren't for gravity, my paint container would still be levitating somewhere. Any pregnant person can hopefully attest to that one.

And aside from the paint, I really did enjoy my painting project. If that makes any sense. 
And even though my project killed a patch of my carpet, the couch will cover it up.
My husband and kids may not agree with me, but I think the project was worth it. 

It is late and dark and my living room furniture is completely out of place. John is fast asleep and I dare not move furniture on my own. I will hopefully get the room in order soon so I can show you some pictures. Sorry that I don't have a photo for you tonight. 

Do you still want to hire me *CPA* Su? Ha.


  1. OMG! I think I would have had a heart attack. If you want to try to get it out you could try some goof off or oxy clean (I've heard those work well) aunt did this one time and she got it up so I can check with her if you want. I know you said the couch will cover it but thought you might want to try getting it up before you put the couch back. So sorry that happened!!!

  2. i laughed out loud i snorted when i read the part about finn! hilarious!
    im sorry it happened but at least it can be covered. would hydrogen peroxide work with getting paint out? i know it lifts out blood...

  3. That's so something that would happen to me! I can't wait to see it all done. I'm sure it looks great!

  4. lol one time i dropped a whole gallon of paint on my parents carpet in one of their bedrooms!! we just bought a large rug to hide it!!

  5. Oh no!! Well, at least the couch hides it and it was not a big spot in the center of the floor or something! *sigh* I'd really like to come up there sometime- I feel like I have not seen you guys in forever.

  6. Oh no! That would so happen to me! I could hear my own five-year-old saying that to me too. LOL. I hope you can get it out, and if not, I'm sure the couch will look lovely in that spot. :)

  7. Oh your sweet little Finn is so understanding and sypathetic. LOL That is so funny. I agree that gravity is to blame.. Everytime I drop something (albeit it isn't paint), I sigh and stare at it for a minute and really contemplate whether it is worth bending over and picking up.

    Well.. if the spot doesn't come out.. at least you know you don't ever have to rearrange the furniture in that room. ;)

  8. HAHA! Yeah, I'd still hire you! ;) I'm dying to see how it turned out!! And Finn...OMG too much!

  9. My mom dumped a whole gallon of DARK GREEN paint onto her carpet in an upstairs bedroom a few years ago. She rented one of those steam cleaning machines from Home Depot and it got it most of the way out. The only way you would know it was stained now is if you were actually looking for it. I've almost done that so many times myself... and I never learn. I never use a drop cloth. I'm horrible!!

  10. He he he =) I like it ... it looks so modern! My theory on the drop cloth is that I will trip on it and cause an accident that would otherwise not happen!

  11. Oh, dear. But it's not as bad as I thought!

    I love Finny's disapproving look. And that darn gravity, someone really should do something about it.

  12. oh honey... I feel your pain!! But, I have to admit that, even while I felt awful for you while reading of your trials, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at it all-- especially Finn, as that is totally something Emma would have said to me... and probably has, actually. :) soulmates!

    you may have had quite the time of it, but knowing you, I just bet this project turned out fabulous after all. Can't wait to see it!!

  13. ut-oh, mama (as ellie & audrey would say)! :) glad it was worth it though! can't wait to see pics!

  14. OMG, your header is adorable! I hadn't seen it yet. As for the paint... it really does not like you does it. Major bummer. Can't wait to see the wall though, hurry!

  15. Awww MAN. You are such a good writer- I feel like I'm listening to you speak as I read. Dang messes in the name of creativity! I'm glad the couch will cover it. = )

  16. no we dont have a basement but lydia has a big one if theres ever real danger and shes just a mile away. nashville rarely actually gets the tornados. we are often near really bad weather but not usually in the midst of it thankfully. my closet is a big walk in and thats where we would go if we had to. this weekend i am going to stock up on water bottles and crackers or something to keep in there just in case during tornado season.

  17. oh ya and the second comment from michael is actually from me, i didnt realize he was signed in!

  18. Hilarious post! You are inspiring me to fess up to my recent big gaffes! I think you very strategically spilled in just the right spot for the couch to cover it up. Good thinking, I say!