January 15, 2011

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

What do you love? What do you treasure? What do you spend your time and money on?

Cute clothes?

Yes. Guilty as charged.

Decorations and cute pictures?

Yes. Guilty there too.

Of course I love other more noble things too. God. Family. Friends. Training my boys. Yes. But after reading the book, I realized that I also spend too much time and $$$ on cute clothes and decorations. There are poor, poor, starving people out there who don't even know Jesus, and I should spend more time and money on that.

One day we are all going to stand before God and give him an account on how we spend our money, time and resources. And how we have handled the precious gospel that He entrusted to us.

You are not going to wish you spent more time and money being comfortable, buying cute stuff to make yourself happy. You will wish you invested more of yourself into things of eternal value and to glorifying him.

And what do you think about most during the day? What do you focus on? Just the kids and cleaning and cooking and family and friends and blogging/facebook? Reading the bible and praying each day for a little while?

Uh, guilty there too.

The main thing I learned from the book is that my heart and mind all day need to actively focus more on God and the people around me. Telling people about Jesus who don't know him. And encouraging and discipling those that already do know him. Of course training my kids to know Jesus also tops my list. I find myself looking intently into Twain's eyes and telling him, "Jesus! Jesus is all that matters!"

And Twain beams as he looks back at me, swinging his feet, and says "Jeh-Jus!"

From the outside, my week looked about as ordinary as could be. Mostly just taking care of kids and stuff. But now that I am thinking and seeing things differently, it was one of the more extraordinary weeks I've had in a while.

I am now interacting with people more as I go about my business. I have met more new people in one week than I have in a while.

We take Ollie to Occupational Therapy twice a week. I'll tell you more about Ollie soon. Anyway, we get to meet lots of different people there.

Ultra cool tom-boy mom Jacqueline with daughter Roxy.

Little Angelo with major mental and physical problems.

Sweet mama Stephanie to her twin miracle boys, Noah and Jonah. They are now 3 years old. They were born at 24 weeks along in her pregnancy. 24 weeks! That is crazy! Noah is pretty much fine...just needs some PT...Jonah has cerebral palsy, can't see well and is confined to a wheel chair, but hears great and LOVES music and listens to it loudly wherever he goes. And I got to meet him and learn all about him!

Mama Sara and her son Andy from Ollie's speech school.

Before, I might have been too shy to impose. It's uncomfortable branching out all the time. But how are people to know Jesus if we don't say anything? God could have chosen any way for the gospel to be spread. For some insane reason, he has chosen us.

So what does that look like?

I believe it's going to look differently for each person. I feel no need to compare myself with others or to judge anyone legalistically for doing it differently. I just want to ask Jesus each day where he wants to take me.

In the bible it says to take up your cross daily.

Not weekly or monthly. But daily. I try not to think so far ahead in advance that I get overwhelmed.

Each day is a new chance. And some days, I am sure to crash and burn. As I type this I am thinking to myself, "Why are you even sharing all of this in blogland? What if I totally screw up and everyone then thinks I am so hypocritical?"

Arg. I will most likely mess up and would appreciate lots of grace:)

So what did Jesus ask me to do specifically this week?

Here are a few of the many things that happened:

Normally when I pick up Finn(and Ella) from school, I get in a tidy line with all the other vehicles along the sidewalk to pick up our kids.

We all wait in our own little bubble of a car.

Nobody interacts.

Which is usually fine by me because this means I don't have to drag all 3 boys out in the cold...sometimes in their jammies...sometimes I look sloppy.

So Monday I drove up and parked behind car #10 or so. Somebody pulled in behind me.

And I felt a little tug at my heart: "Get out of line and go park. Get the boys out of the car and go stand by the other parents by the gate".

Really Lord? Um...ok.

I pulled out and parked.

Got the stroller out of the trunk. Thankfully the boys were dressed.

We walked out and greeted some long-lost-friends we haven't seen in a while.

I'm talking to old friend Ashley and end up meeting her friend Deirdre.

Turns out Dierdre has a son named William who is in Finn's class. And they live just around the corner from us. I did not know that.

Deirdre and I are pretty much complete opposites. But that's ok!

Tuesday...Wednesay...Thursday...I continue to get the boys out of the car to go wait for Finn. It took a conscious effort each day to make sure all boys were dressed appropriately so we could go outside. And we ended up talking to Deirdre every day.

This Friday, Finn was gonna have two friends over to watch Star Wars: Ella and Jordan. Two sweet SAFE and comfortable girls that Finn goes to school and church with.

Spur of the moment Friday decision: Let's ask if William can join us? Really Lord? Maybe it would be more comfy if just Jordan and Ella came...maybe William can come next week", I rationalized to God.

But I felt God say, "No, invite him today".

William ended up coming over with Jordan and Ella. They all had a blast.

Williams mom, Dierdre also came, with her young daughter.

"I have not really met any normal moms like you from school", Dierdre explains to me..."they are all either messed up punks that I don't want my kids around...or snobs."

Teehee. She thinks I'm normal. Little does she know.

I talk to her about Jesus and God and "religion" and her current Catholic church and her former Baptist Church and so on.

I don't know where this will lead. That's ok.

I was only asked to take a few steps of obedience. One step at a time.

After everyone left, I looked in the mirror and saw a yellow piece of fuzz from my sweater hanging onto the front of my hair. Pretty embarrassing, but that's sometimes life. HAHA.

And I made a dope of myself other times this week too. As I was getting my yearly checkup, I wanted to tell my doctor about Jesus. But I chickened out. Later as we were saying goodbye, I asked about her upcoming vacation to the Philippines. I blurted out "One day I would love to tell people there about Jesus!"

Um, major doi on my part. Sounded like an idiot. The Philippines? Where did I get that thought from? I've never once even thought of going there, so not sure why I said that! So clearly I am going to be making a fool of myself at times.

And sometimes I am gonna be awkward. Have I ever mentioned how much I love awkward people? Well, I do! Which bodes well for me in the weeks to come, I presume!

That's all for now. I hope this encourages you to think about a few things. Where is your heart? Do you think about God and Jesus a lot? What matters to you? Yourself? God's glory?

p.s. thank you to all my dear girl friends this week that I got to talk with! you are a great encouragement! Also, so nice to meet sweet new friend Jessica too!


  1. friend, you crack me up about the Philippines. hey, you never know…maybe one day you will be there telling people about our sweet Jesus and then you will look back and laugh at this!

    you are an inspiration to me.
    thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. I love that in some ways you haven't changed at all. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and I thoroughly wish we lived closer. =0)

    I discovered David Platt about a year ago and was also very inspired especially since it was at point in my life that I was hitting rock bottom financially. God is good and hard that way. I'm glad that I'm not the only one having these crazy thoughts...I struggle. I'm awkward. I long to fit but I don't. Normal isn't what I would describe myself as either...

    Press on.

  3. Sounds like God is really working through you, Davi. I think I need to get this book!

  4. I think I need to get this book too!!

    Your getting it all figured out,huh?!

  5. I love how sharing and living out our faith is so awkward most of the time, but even more, I love how God smooths out our rough edges!

    Shining His love is not going to always be smooth and perfect....not in this world, but i love how God ends up blessing us so much more, even when we are setting out to bless others.

    I will laugh someday when I see a post about the Philippines!!!!

    Love it Davi, love the way you are listening and obeying...keep it up!

  6. encouraging, in fact, I must read it again. excuse me...

  7. Ditto on the awkward. I often feel like I "don't fit in" at work. Interesting how our desire to be loved by others makes us feel paralyzed from sharing The Good News. In reality if we take the time to be awkward and stop worrying about being liked, we can help someone feel less awkward and fulfill their need to be loved by someone. Glad you and your son got to make new friends this week. Needed this reminder-thanks for that!

  8. Cool post D! I wish I could have talked to you more about this last night! Really cool things you have learned from that book!

  9. i love this post, and I love your heart. These sorts of thoughts have been much on my mind of late too, and I'm feeling very convicted of the need to shine even brighter for Him, into different places than I have been. There's really something to be said for getting out of comfort zones and stretching ourselves for the Lord!
    thanks for sharing this, friend, and keep doing what you're doing. It's inspiring. I'll be praying for you. :)

  10. oh davi, thanks for sharing your heart :)
    you have challenged me to look at myself in my daily activities and ask myself how i am taking up my cross each and every day.... not looking just at work, or just to my neighbors,or just to friends who might be unbelievers - but to ANYONE i come across, daily.
    i am excited to get to this book later this year, thanks for giving me a beautiful preview :)

    praying that the lord will continue to stir your heart :) i think he is using you in big ways sweet friend. he is he is.
    i'm sure your boys are the cutest each and everyday, regardless if they are dressed properly or not - i say hop out of that van!

  11. After reading this on Saturday night (I'm a little late in commenting! :) and then hearing my Pastor's sermon on Sunday morning, I'm definitely getting the "hint" that I think God is sending my way! More love, more compassion, more of spreading His offer of salvation through grace to others around me. Because if I don't tell them, who will?!

  12. thank you so much for this post! i feel like God has been working through me in so many ways but sometimes i just feel like a goof when i put things into motion. i love reading about somebody else who comes off as awkward but is doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing - missional living.

    your post hit home when i read it yesterday along with something else i had heard in a sermon yesterday morning. don't you love the way He works!!

  13. It was nice to meet you Davi...looking forward to our study. Thanks for sharing this. Praying for you!

  14. amen sister! preeeeeeach the dang thing :) you are an amazing encouragment to me. i love seeing how God is stirring up his people. he's shaking me. he's shaking you. it looks like he's shaking us all! i loooooove it! makes me so excited! jesus!jesus!jesuuuus! you make me smile, miss davi :)

  15. This post mirrors my thoughts lately. I have been studying Beth Moore's "Esther" series on "Its Tough Being a Woman" Trying to balance my daily life with a heart for what God wants of me is my desire. The things around us change but God doesn't change and He is always there for us. I'm thankful you trust in Him.

  16. wow this was so encouraging! thanks so much for your transparency & encouraging words. i feel super challenged to just get out there & speak the truth- no matter how awkward it can sometimes sound. i can't wait to read this book- katy & molly have been talking about it too & i just need to get my hands on it. thanks again for the inspiring & convicting post. God used you to remind me of what's really important.

    p.s. your pumpkins were suuuuuuper cute.

  17. I love your way with words friend, but even more I love your conviction and your heart. I am enjoying our chats about this book so much!

  18. Thanks for your candor and honesty. That is the beauty of blogging I believe, and obviously your heart is in it. Sounds like you had a mind and faith expanding week. Thanks for sharing and for encouraging the rest of us to ponder that same question...we were just talking about that VERY verse last Sunday in church...perhaps there's a pattern here? LOL! And the main two things to do, Love the Lord, Love your Neighbor ♥