November 25, 2008

8th note kisses

Finn kissed my cheek multiple times in rapid succession and said,

"those are 8th note kisses".

And then he drew me the following diagram:
Translation: ATH=8th, NOT=Note and CES=KISS

I'm glad Finn is learning to apply his drum lessons to other areas of his life!

And not to be outdone, Calvin said he'd give me an 8th note hug:)

Oh and one more thing, that I never want to forget. Every night Calvin gets out of bed and sneaks into our room, head down and eyes averted. And then he always says the same thing, in one run-on sentence:

I want to hug mommy and kiss mommy and tell mommy goodnight.

Ok, enough sappiness for one night.


  1. Seriously, so precious. Every time I read something like that I just continue to be excited about all the cute things to come with my son.

  2. three words:
    awwwwww, how SWEET!!!!

    I love it, it's precious, and it's those moments that make being a mom the most rewarding job EVER.

  3. I see no sappiness in any of that...just pure preciousness!

  4. So so sweet. I love your boys. Without even really knowing them.