November 20, 2008

the robber

I happened upon this sad little sight 2 days ago.

Finn's little bank account was looking quite bankrupt.

While someone else's stash was looking quite healthy.

Now, Finn knows his money like the back of his hand. You can't put anything past him.

"Hey, I'm $23 short!", Finn exclaimed.

While someone else's stash was inflated by exactly $23. Hmm...

And when confronted by his grand heist, all Calvin could do was jump up and down on my bed, laughing gleefully.

"You are a robber!", we accused Calvin, as he jumped up and down.

"I'm Crush", he immediately corrected us, still giggling hysterically. He was certainly trying to charm his way out of this one.

I'm not certain that he knew what he was doing, but we certainly missed out on a good opportunity to teach him how to earn an honest living. And how it is wrong to steal. After reading a friend's blog, on how her son shop-lifted, I am quite certain that I blew it big time.

Our little robber may have weaseled his way out of his crime this time, but next time, he faces the slammer!


  1. So adorable!!! I wouldn't have been able to teach him a lesson either. :-)

    I'm worried that I'm going to find the "naughty" things my kids do so adorable that I just won't be able to bring myself to punish them. Not that its a good comparison... but it happened with our dog. We LOVED his jumping when he was just 7 pounds. We thought it was adorable how excited he got to see us... so we never corrected it. But now that he's 30 pounds of solid dog leaping towards us... we seriously regret our decision not to discipline. Man... I think Rocco was a better learning aid for children that I thought!

    Luckily, the chances of your little Calvin becoming a criminal are pretty slim. :-) I love the pics of your boys. So cute!!

  2. Well you got great pics and I'm impressed that Finn knows his money so well!

  3. seriously, $23? can I come be your kid? I need an allowance....=)

  4. Oh wow... he's so cute. I laughed so much... it reminds me of Juliet so much. Juliet is a MAJOR thief in our family and is always stashing change and money in her various purses from who knows where she finds it. lol. I guess I need to have the "robbery" talk with her too.

  5. hilarious! Savings a big deal around here too. Ella just opened her own account yesterday and she was so proud!

  6. OH Finn! I can relate...when I was a kid, I knew EXACTLY how much coin I had!

    You're a great mommy, I'm guessing you likely won't have to worry about your little Calvin becoming a professional heister! =)