November 23, 2008

Almost 14 weeks

Drowsy. With occasional bursts of energy. That about sums me up these days. My nausea is still extremely persistent and so I am still taking my zofran.

Side effects of zofran? Drowsiness, dizziness and headaches.

As if being in your first trimester wasn't exhausting enough! Last Saturday I decided to skip my zofran. I felt awake, and it felt great. We went to Finn's last soccer game and on our way home, I started to feel a bit queasy. When we got home, I threw up 3 times. Which made me feel starving. I decided that starvation and pillaging for food was worse than the drowsiness, and so I went back on the zofran.

After taking the zofran, I took a 5 hour nap that day. 5 hours! I can't believe John didn't wake me up. I felt completely horrid and sludgy afterwards. I took a rather long nap today too, and had a hard time rejoining the land of the living. I don't think I should take these long naps anymore. It's just too hard to wake up.

Last Monday I had my 13 week Dr. appointment. I sat in the waiting room for over an hour and I didn't even mind AT ALL, because I brought an embroidery project. I was as happy as a clam. Seriously, I have been loving embroidering even more, now that I am pregnant. It barely takes any energy to sit there(or lay there) embroidering, especially when I am not feeling well. It makes me feel very productive.

When they finally called me back, I got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. They have this cool new electronic Doppler. My Dr. held up the speaker so I could hear the heartbeat and see the digital readout. It read between 158-160, which is about what my other boys were.

I've been feeling the baby move for a while now. The first time I felt it move, I was not even 10 weeks along, and it kind of freaked me out. Now that I am further along, it doesn't weird me out. It's actually my most favorite part of being pregnant.

So, here I am, plugging along. I am still sick, but occasionally I feel normal. Today at church, Christie and I were on a photo task, taking pictures of the kiddos. Afterwards, she snapped a few shots of me at almost 14 weeks pregnant. It was very bright and sunny outside, so that is why I look squinty. Thanks for playing along Christie!

And then at home, I tried to do some pictures myself. I'm definitely feeling my girth these days!

And while we are at it, here is my new Supercuts hair do.

John and I are jumping on the bandwagon and doing the Dave Ramsey plan(envelopes and such). We love listening to his show every other night via podcast. We are still waiting for our "Total Money Makeover" book to arrive in the mail. In the meanwhile, I decided to practice being frugal, and got my hair cut at Supercuts. So I thought I'd document my pilgrimage into Ramsey's *beans & rice* philosphy.

I took Calvin with me, and we both got our hair cut. When it was my turn, I looked in the mirror and saw that I had chocolate smudged on my chest from Finn's Butterfinger, and little pieces of embroidery thread all over my clothes. The girl just kind of looked at me. I was so horrified. However, I am happy enough with the cut. Honestly, I can barely tell the difference between her cut and my salon guy's cut. So far, so good! I saved myself $30.

Which was a bit negated today when I went on a teeny little shopping spree at target tonight. Eeek! But I am soooo happy with my new clothes. Perhaps I will show you them next post. Good night for now!


  1. Your hair looks great! What a success!

    And your baby belly makes me want one. It's so cute.

  2. You look adorbale - hair and baby bump!

  3. You look awesome!!! I'm sorry you've been so sick. I can completely relate to that... I always have a ton of morning sickness at the beginning.... and just for fun I threw up yesterday in my 36th week. LOL. Were you sick with your boys???

  4. What a cute belly you have!!!! I can't believe you are already feeling your little one move around in there! I was reading last night that first time mothers usually feel it quite a bit later than veteran moms. So, I'm jealous of you. :-) I keep laying down and holding onto my belly just thinking... "Ok baby, MOVE! You're free to move! And make it a big one so I can feel it!"

    Sorry you're not feeling much better. But hopefully that will all go away after a couple more weeks. Except I'm not sure how you were with your other pregnancies... hopefully you weren't sick the whole way through!

    NIce job on the shots, Christie. :-)

  5. Your hair looks fab! You have great hair, so it probably doesn't really matter where you go. For thirty less, I'd wave by-bye to M! I can't wait to see your new clothes!

  6. Wow, you're gorgeous! And a cute belly bump to boot. I hope you start feeling more energetic and less sick very soon!

  7. im so glad you posted pictures of your tummy, youre so beautiful! uhhhh i hate how those long naps make you feel afterwards. i think its awesome youre feeling baby already. that was definitely one of my favorite parts too. i noticed you said "my other boys" about the heartbeat...are you still planning on not finding out? or are you going to be sneaking and find out but not tell anyone you did?

  8. What a cute baby bump! The one thing I miss most about being pregnant is feeling the baby move. How neat that you can feel him/her so early.

  9. Your belly looks too cute! We love Dave Ramsey too!

  10. My friend at work brought in a 4 dimentional ultra sound of her grandson at 12 weeks. It was amazing with 4-D, they even knew it was a boy! At 12 weeks the facial features were amazing.It really strongly resembled a little baby. I wish all women could see that early on like that. Her granson is due May 28 so I know that's what our baby is looking like:)

  11. Wow, what a cute baby belly you have! I am 12 weeks pregnant (finally!!!) and my belly is starting to come out, it is so fun! Can't wait to feel the baby move like you are!!!! It makes me so excited to read your blog and look forward to what is ahead.
    Oh, and I hope you feel better soon!

  12. You are the cutest pregnant girl ever! I am jealous of your cute littl belly.. since I am 18 weeks and barely have a little pooch. ;) I hope you start feeling better soon! And your hair looks great!

  13. You are SOOOOOO adorable!!! I can't believe how much Finn looks like you. In the 2nd pic your expression totally reminds me of him!

    And your haircut is really cute! A friend of mine went there a while back too and was very pleased.

    I hope you feel better soon! Is this normal for you when you're preggers? Can't wait to find out what you're having!!

  14. oh you are so beautiful dear friend!

  15. I must echo Lori's statement: you are so beautiful!! The haircut looks wonderful, and I am dying over how CUTE your baby bump is. Seriously. A.dor.a.ble.
    I'm just hoping you really start to feel better soon. At least you are getting some rest! (but I know what you mean about those too-long naps. ugh.)

  16. YYYYYYYYYYAYYYYYYYYYYYY! Congratulations Eric and Emily on this fabulous news!

    and thanks so much everyone for your kind words and well wishes. i typically stay sick til the 20 week mark, but am hoping for the best!

    and gretch, i still plan on NOT finding out:)

  17. Looking stunning as usual! I love your hair...maybe I'll have to get the name of your supercuts hair person ;)

  18. You look super great, and I REALLY like your hair! I had "cutting costs" hair dramma this week ... my hair is bananna yellow! I am glad yours worked out so much better! And your bump is precious!