March 12, 2009

my ordeal

I awoke monday morning to a phone call. It was Nidia, my favorite OB nurse.

"Hi Miss Davi", she said. "Sorry to have to call you, but your 1-hour glucose came back with elevated're going to have to take the 3-hour glucose test".

Me, completely groggy and hazy, "sure, no prob, thanks!", like she just invited me to a tea party.

It wasn't til later in the day, that I began to fully understand my new reality. I opened the cupboards for breakfast. Carbs. I opened the cupboards for snacks. More carbs.

Carbs, carbs everywhere. Did I even eat anything else, I wondered?

By the end of the day, I was completely drained from trying to find food alternatives that weren't laden with carbs. John went out and bought me some sunflower seeds and beef jerky to munch on. Unfortunately those had way too much salt(swollen fingers).

My 3-hour test was scheduled for thursday morning. And by 3 hour test, this does not mean drink the orange drink and come back 3 hours later. No, this meant you had to have your blood drawn FOUR times in 3 hours. And you had to drink the orange goo.

In the meanwhile, I cut waaaay back on the carbs. I was in complete disbelief and disgust at how many carbs I ate on a normal day. I started eating more protein. Turns out, I don't really like meat that much at all.

All I could think about was,

chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chip cookies
yellow cake with chocolate frosting
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chop cookies.

How sad am I? I really need to get a life.

And then I started to lose my energy. I dragged all day tuesday and wednesday.

I woke up bright and early this morning to get this test OVER WITH. John took the day off work for me. I brought a bunch of stuff to embroider. It was going to be a lovely, restful, blissful 3 hours and nothing was going to get in the way of that. I even went to Michaels the night before for more embroidery floss.

As I drove to my appointment, I could not believe how many cars were on the road. I am usually snug in bed at this hour. I have a lot of respect for you early birds. It's not easy, that's for sure.

I got my initial blood drawn, along with a nice bruise, and they handed me my orange drink. Last saturday I had guzzled it happily and then ran errands. Today was different. It tasted like straight syrup.

I then settled myself on the couch and started to happily embroider.

Til I started to feel a bit icky. I took a zofran and rested my head on the couch.

No, this did not feel good at all. I left my stuff on the couch and rushed to my doc's office down the hall. I barged in the front door(a first for me) and informed the receptionist that I needed to lay down. Right. Now.

I lay on the bed and tried to think happy thoughts. I started to feel very hot.

And then my darling little wiggle worm started to kick the tar out of my stomach. I prayed that I would not throw up. I did not want to drink the orange goo ever again. I did not want to re-do this test. After all, John took the day off.

As hard as I tried, I could not stop what happened next.

I projectile vomited across the office. All over. In my hair, and in my clothes. The nurses rushed in as I continued my relentless vomiting spree. One nurse tried to clean me up, while the other nurse patted my back while I puked. I must say, they were so sweet. I owe them cookies or something.

So I went home, drenched, took a shower and napped for 3 hours. I was so beat.

The nurse called back and said we could do a different test this saturday. No orange drink involved. Praise the Lord. If I am still high in sugars, we will need to supplement with something to help me absorb sugars til this baby is born.

I also wrote to Jenn(diabetic nutritionist extraordinaire), who gave me awesome advice: don't cut back on carbs so drastically that it alters the test and you go undetected.

Good to know. If I hadn't puked, I'm pretty sure this test would have continued and the results would have been based on swayed readings. Also, she said that even if I did pass the test it is important to have a continuous even amount of carbs throughout the entire day.

Also good to know. I was skimping on carbs all day and loading up at dinner.

I will find out more after saturday. Maybe monday. So, that was/is my current ordeal. If you have any tasty carb-less alternatives, I am all ears!


  1. Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I was reading your post from my phone as I was about to snuggle up in bed and just had to come down and comment before I went to sleep.

    I didn't really tell anybody, but I had to go back for the 3 hour test too. I went thinking, "Crap 3 hours? Well, I better bring a book." But after I drank that nasty juice (which BTW, it has a higher sugar concentrate than juice from the 1 hour test. Did you know its different?? Thats why it tastes so much worse.)... there was no way I could read. I started to feel the same things as you. I almost didn't make it to the 1 hour mark either. I got light headed... I wanted to vomit and I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I went back to the lady who was going to draw my blood and told her that I couldn't complete the test b/c i felt like I was going to be sick. And I needed my husband to come pick me up. But she said it was normal and that most women don't feel good that first hour because of all the sugar on an empty stomach but that I should feel better soon. And she was right. I did feel better after that first hour.... BUT UM... if its COMMON for women to basically get sick that first hour, DON'T YOU THINK THEY SHOULD TELL US????

    I'm so terribly sorry you got so sick!! I hope the alternative test is much more bearable. I couldn't imagine you having to drink that crap again!

    (p.s. I didn't end up having gestational diabetes. I'll be praying for you and your results too!)

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry that you got sick. I can't imagine drinking anything worse than the 1 hour test goo. YUCK! I basically lived on carbs/sweets while pregnant and was astounded that my test came back normal.
    As far as carb-less alternatives, I'm not so good on that but I am now a big fruit eater. I think the natural sugars are better than processed. I also like yogurt for a snack (low cal, low sugar). Good luck in finding healthier hard while pregnant (I only wanted donuts, cake and candy) :)

  3. I was reading your story, and thinking to myself, yep, been there, that's me, same-O...and then you got to the part where you got sick. I'm SO sorry!! And you didn't get your 3-hour embroidery fest in either! I didn't get sick, just annoyed that I had to sit in the office for 3 hours!

    But, it sounds like in the end, this was a good thing so you can get a good test done - no skewing. You'll have to tell us about that one. It sounds weird, but I might just go for the 3 hour test next time, so I don't end up having a 4 HOUR test. =)

    hang in there, pregnant mama!!

  4. Davi, you shouldn't avoid them altogether! You have to be choosier about which ones you eat. Like skip the chocolate chip cookies and yellow cake, and eat the triscuits and the whole grain bread! You poor girl. The orange drink is bad enough-but I didn't know you would need so many blood tests!!!! Are you having jelly beans on Saturday?

  5. I almost threw up from the juice too...but only the 1 hour stuff. I'm weakling!

    I'm glad that you didn't have to endure it all for skewed results! I hope the next one comes back with good results!

  6. yucky friend! let's hope everything works out. as pathetic as it was and I was so sad for you, I just had to giggle at the idea of the nurses taking care of you=) what good nurses.

    and seriously, john took the day off for you. he really is super husband!

    and let's hope this turns out okay, cause yellow cake with chocolate frosting sounds divine=)

  7. Oh dear!

    Protein bars, maybe?

  8. I'm so sorry that happened... No fun, I tell you. I was worried about my test too, because all that I've wanted to eat this time is sugar. i.e. chocolate donuts, chocolate chip cookies, thin mints, and chocolate milk. Isn't that terrible??? I've been trying to cut back, but I haven't been very successful. :( Only a few more weeks left and then we won't have to worry about it... oh ya, then we'll be nursing and that will change all the rules. :) LOL!

  9. im so sorry davi! thats miserable and im so glad you had nice nurses around.
    i HATED that test!
    i thought i would get a lot of good reading done but i couldnt think at all i was dizzy the whole wait.
    i was also low on protein and didnt want meat. i kept a list in the kitchen of high protein snacks along with the amount of protein it had to keep track of it. i would sit down and eat half a can of kidney beans (weird i know but it was good then!) and i would eat spoonfuls of peanut butter. it should be paired with wheat to make it a complete protein though. i would treat myself by adding a little chocolate syrup to the spoonful. i still do it now.
    hopefully your tummy will be more settled and saturday will be a breeze

  10. wish i had some advice for ya, but i'm good for nothing :/ my stomach is turning just thinkin' of that nasty goo! sorry you had to go through that..probably pretty traumatizing!

  11. See Sherm-thank you so much for sharing. I felt a wave of relief after reading your encounter. I had NO idea the drink was different, I just thought I was going crazy and felt like such a ninny for reacting so violently to the drink this time. They REALLY should tell you it can make you sick--especially for someone like me who has had a very sensitive stomach for the most of this pregnancy!

    Jess. No jellybeans--just a 12hour fast at night, then blood draw. go home and eat breatkfast. come
    back in 2 hours for another bloodtest. compare sugars between 2 tests. sounds good to me!

    Lisa-I shall look into protein bars.
    Loriloo-One day WE SHALL feast on yellow cake with choc. frosting!!!
    And Gretch, yes, I would be lost without peanut butter!

  12. I had to take that test as well. But the girl who gave it to me was so sweet. She warned me by saying, "The first hour, you are going to feel like crap, the second hour your are going to be very sleepy and the third hour you will be very hungry." And she was right. And yes the 3 hour drink has double the amount of sugar than the 1 hour. 100 Grams of sugar! That is why it taseted like straight syrup.. because it was. I had trouble choking it down and thought I was going to pass out while drinking it. he nurse kept asking me if I was ok. I just nodded and kept staring at the same spot on the floor so I would not fall over. haha I bet I looked silly. And I totally know how you feel about the crazy amount of kicking. You just want to lay there because you feel horrible, but baby is all cracked out from the sugar. Not fun at all. I did exactly what you did when I found out I had to take it. But I stayed away from all sugar, but still ate carbs. I would have died if I did not eat carbs. I am a Carb-o-holic! :)

    I am glad that you do not have to do it again though. I came home with bruises all over my arms from all the pokes. I looked like a drug addict and had to cover my arms for a week so people didn't think that I was and try to give me an intervention or something.

    Sorry this was really long. ;) But if you ever need someone to share a chocolate chip cookie with... just know that I am totally in.

  13. oh, poor dear-- that's awful!! What a miserable time of it.

    Goodness, I can't IMAGINE drinking something with TWICE the amount of sugar as the 1-hr drink. I felt awful and all spinny and weird just from that one! And yah, it makes the babies go nuts!!

    your one on Saturday sounds like it will be so much better for you-- I shall be hoping and praying it is! :)

  14. I am so sorry dear Davi!!!! That is dreadful!!!!

    Can you eat yogur with fruit ... yogurt with granola ... or sugar free jello???? Those are some of my favorite snacks =)

  15. Yes, I too had to take that gross second test but everything turned out just fine. Katie is my complete hero for doing the gestational diabetes thing with Maren. I seriously do not what I would do besides cry at every meal. Seriously.

  16. Aww D! :( Mom told me about this last night-- awful! Hope you feel okay and the next test works out better.

  17. Ugh, I am so sorry you had to go through that. I wouldn't even be able to do the fasting part... I go crazy if I don't eat every five seconds, and I'm not even prego!!!

    Keep us posted, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that yucky ordeal!