May 22, 2009

mike & gretch visit

Mike and Gretchen are among the loveliest friends I will ever know. They are beautiful inside and out. 

I could hang out with them for hours talking. On the couch, or on the floor. They are just that type of friends.

They moved away last June and I was so sad.

But they came back for a visit!

And I was so thrilled to see them and their dear son Elijah. Unfortunately, Ollie was a'napping, so I did not get a photo of them together. 

They got to meet Twain for the first time and it was precious.

Gretchen immediately requested to hold him. She is amazing with babies.

Gretchen reminds me of a young Nicole Kidman

When Twain started fussing, Mike volunteered to hold him. I don't know many guys who willingly volunteer to soothe a crying baby, but that is Mike for you. He rocked Twain in the yellow chair and gave him the binky. I wish I had a shot. It was so cute.

And next time I see you Gretch, I will hopefully have lost the baby weight...and then I will steal your dress and boots:)

Thanks so much Mike and Gretch, for giving Twain all of your love. It was so special.

And next time, hopefully Ollie will be awake to play with Lijah!


  1. seriously, your friend Gretchen is BEAUTIFUL. I want her hair. And her boots. :)

    it's wonderful when good friends visit... yay!

  2. davi, you made me cry.
    im so touched, thank you.
    i had really hoped to get a second visit in but everything was so busy with my dads retirement parties and my moms birthday. we love you so much and always wish we didnt live so far away from your amazing family.
    if we didnt love you so much we would have stolen twain, hes perfect. :o)

  3. It was so wonderful to see them!!! And Lijah was asleep when he came over, so I got to cuddle with him the whole time... so precious.

    Miss you guys. And of course already scheming to come visit in the fall!

  4. What a great visit with such precious friends. Gretchen really is stunning. And Twain gets cuter by the day!

  5. Your friend is gorgeous! Yes, she does look like a young Nicole Kidman. Seeing faraway friends, even if only briefly, is the sweetest thing!

  6. What amazing pictures! Your friend looks like Taylor Swift =) SO CUTE! Can't wait to see Twain again!

  7. sigh. lovely photos, lovely friends. and that boy of