March 5, 2009

blogger bumps collide

This day was a long time coming. 

The day I would finally be moved from "Bloggers I don't actually Know But still Love" to "Bloggers I Know and Love".

Well, she just recently changed it to "To Know Them Is to Love Them", but you get the point. 

Today, Loriloo finally introduced me to the charming&sweet Talia! She is just as beautiful and delightful in person, if not even more so.
Wearing my new secret seamless maternity jeans. They were everything I hoped for and more.

We chatted about babies and kids and church and other stuff. I feel like I've already known Talia forever. She is so fun and easy to talk to.

On the way to meet her at the park, I was telling my boys we were going to meet some very special girls, that also liked to color all day too. 

The chase was on.

How did my boys do with these enchanting ladies?

Let's just say that I caught Emma and Finn having a very serious conversation on the swings. "I didn't know that little kids could wear watches", Emma told Finn. Yah, I think she was totally diggin' his sweet camo watch. 

And I certainly am not trying to swoop in on Emma's prospective suitors, but what can I say? My kid has a cool watch! And I must have Talia as my co-mother-in-law. I must. I must. Anyone who knows her will know exactly what I am talking about. Maybe Talia needs to have a few more daughters to marry off!

Introducing my first ever pre-engagement photo session.

Finn giving the a-okay.

Um, how sweet are they?????? Could Emma's little feet be any cuter???

And from a distance, someone spotted Annabell-vin.

Having some sort of precursory squabble.

But not for long. Oh the face of an angel I tell you!

Thanks girls, for the loveliest day ever.We can't wait to play again. Perhaps next time we can have a coloring fest!


  1. Adorable! Won't it be cute if they are friends when they are older and can say, "we've known each other forever" and have the pictures to prove it!

  2. Oh, Davi, you are such a doll, and so sweet. I love everything about this post! Everything! And I have to say, I love you. You're even better in person too-- and I didn't even think it was possible. :) And your boys are too adorable and fun for words!

    The pics you snapped of Finn and Emma are so cute-- I'm totally going to steal them. And hey, if Finn and Emma don't work out, there's always Calvin and Annabelle, or Ollie and Rosalie... surely 1 out of 3 possiblities must be a match, right?? Because I agree, we must be co-mother-in-laws someday. We'll start praying now. :)

    and yes, I just moved you up into my "know them" section... YAY! can't wait to hang out again, I had SO much fun with you girls!!

  3. hehe, I just got it-- Annabell-vin! Like Brangelina! lol

  4. Yes I must agree having Talia as a co-mother-in-law would be so awesome. You ladies and your kids are all so cute!

  5. HOW CUTE!!! I LOVE that first picture of all 3 bellies!!

  6. oh so cute!!!!=) it was a very lovely day.... if only the wee ones would have been as cooperative=)

  7. What gorgeous pictures of all of you and the kids! I am so glad you got to meet Talia, she is just the dearest, sweetest girl I know. I totally know what you mean about marrying off the kids together. Most of my friends have girls so I'd LOVE to be co-mother-in-laws with just about any one of them! We can only hope, right?

  8. how fun! and HOW PERFECT if your three boys married her (soon to be three) girls! Seriously... so perfect. :)

  9. How adorable. And yes, Finn and Emma already make quite the couple! I am all for arranged marriages! Those girls better watch out though...they have some competition coming from the three Ericsson girls! hee hee.

  10. What fun pictures! I love the 3 bumps picture! I think Lorie must have really been pushing that out to look about the same as you two! (that sounded wrong ... I just mean because you guys are further allong ... not like you are big or anything ...) ANYWAYS it looks like a perfect girls day at the park! And anyone would agree ... Talia is a doll =)

  11. I love all the pictures!!! Emma and Finn look very cute together... but he'll have to steal her away from Logan. ;) Logan has been writing Emma's name all over everything and talking about her nonstop for months now. She's already such a cute little catch. lol

  12. I love the shot of the 3 different bumps!! too cute!

  13. Looks like you ladies and the kiddos had an amazing time!! And I trust that you are just a sweet as those other two chicas are! The battling baby bumps pic is priceless!!

    And I love the pics of the betrothed children! Wouldn't it be adorably cute if they do get married one day and you can show this at their wedding?! :)