about us

hi, i'm davi(pronouced davy, as in davy jones). 
i am:
-a sinner saved by grace and a follower of Jesus.
-a stay-at-home mama.
-a reader. i love love books.
-a terrible dancer.
-an even worse singer. but i love to do both. 
-a health food eater  85% of the time. you see, i love chocolate chip cookies. and donuts. and cupcakes. and. and....
-a shopper at goodwill but i love urban outfitters.
- a crafter at heart, but in reality i would rather nap.
-the designated picture taker and blogger of the fam.

i married this sweet tom-cat in college, when i was 20 years old. his name is john and he teaches high school. he is stubborn yet sensible and totally balances me out.

together, we have 4 strapping lads. Finn(9), Calvin(7), Ollie(5) and Twain(3).

oh and i can't forget! we have a kitty named peach.

and adopted 2 more kitties we found under our deck. 

and i never thought i'd say this, but i adore them. as does the rest of my clan.

thanks for popping by. i'd love to know who you are.