April 30, 2009


The newest band member Twain Orion!

Weighing in at exactly 7 pounds and measuring 19 inches. We think he looks just like Calvin Jack with his chubby cheeks.

The C-Section was traumatizing and horrifying. But as soon as I held my little Twain, all the problems magically disappeared.

Sorry for the delay in blogging but there wasn't any internet connection at the hospital. We should be home in a couple of days so hopefully these pictures will tide you over until then.

We are quite smitten with our baby Twain and think he is the perfect encore to our little band of brothers.

posted by a very proud "Auntie" Lorie.

April 29, 2009


here are the boys

all snuggled up on the couch together

with their kitties

watching a heavy metal drummer from the 6-hour Modern Drum Festival DVD that Mr. Canaan lent us.

He advised us to skip the heavy metal drummers for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, the boys LOVE the heavy metal drummers and think they are hysterical because of all the "shouting".

What a bunch of hoodlems.

April 27, 2009

banished no more

After 6 years of exile, my dresser has finally come out of banishment!

This dresser project was so quick and easy, I almost feel guilty...

Kind of like I cheated or something.

It did help that I had the primer, aqua paint and sealer all in my garage.

The only thing I had to buy were the silver knobs.

I originally planned to have orange knobs but I had a change of heart. There was already enough action going on with the aqua paint and the brown wood. I think orange knobs might have been over-kill. Like it belonged in a kid's room. Who knows. I just think that the silver knobs looked very clean and authentic on this particular dresser.

And this is the first time in 6 years that I can open my drawers with actual knobs. I no longer have to cry to the heavens "why me??" everytime I try to fight these drawers open. 

I painted this dresser with my bedding in mind. John and I bought this comforter set for each other last month as our anniversary gift to each other. 

And here is the view of my dresser from my bed.

As you can see, I still need to accessorize the dresser.
Our room is still a work-in-progress, but is slowly getting better. It will just take time. Ever since I can remember, our room has looked like a ghetto bachelor pad. Especially when John's office moved in, after the boys were born. 


Oh you don't believe me?

Get a load of this.

bulletin board from our college days

mismatched file cabinet

lamp also from college days

decapitated imac

Just please don't make me give up my snow white bedding that my sister got me in college!

It seemed so hopeless to try to decorate my room with all the ugly office stuff. But I think with a little effort, we can make it look cozy and cute. John just painted a bookshelf and is getting rid of the file cabinet. He recently demolished his old particle board desk(you had to bang your hip into the door at just the right angle so it would open) and got a new desk on craig's list. So things are looking up. I used to die of humiliation anytime someone walked into my bedroom. I always wished for a lovely room like my sister had. 

Now I feel so fancy having new bedding and a matching dresser:)

April 24, 2009

my maternity photos

she kind of beat me to it, but here is my rendition...


"Hi, Lorie, it's Davi. I have an idea for maternity photos. Why don't we just drag the blue couch out to my backyard or across the street...I think I have something to wear that might work. It's nothing new, but it's the only thing that will fit...and I have some sweaters for the boys that will match".

Sunday morning arrives and it is HOT HOT HOT.

There were not going to be any sweaters that day. What were my boys going to wear in this sweltering heat?

Lorie made this adorable tie onesie for baby Rowan...No, I shouldn't copy. 

But I did. I will confess that I was an idea thief. I just could not resist the cuteness. Can you blame me?

A few years ago, I bought some vintage ties for John which he rarely wears(Can you imagine? If I was a dude I would wear them all the time). They would be perfect to cut up. Calvin's tie was a scrap of random fabric, but Finn and Ollie are wearing authentic vintage ties.

I am so thrilled that we took pictures across the street where we live, laugh and play every day. I am usually pushing the envelope, trying to find some fun spot downtown, but there is something special about pictures that actually represent the homebody that I truly am.

Finn and his trademark dimple.

In heaven with my boys:)

Calvin was making craaaazy faces that day!

But then he flips a switch and melts my heart.

I really was happy that day. It was a glorious evening.

Calvin was having a bit of trouble keeping up, due to his refusal to nap that day.

Just the 2 of us.

 And now we are about to become a family of 6. Eeek!

In typical Ollie-fashion, he is outta here.

And just to show I still have my sense of humor...

I let Lorie fish-eye my belly. Yes I am a brave soul. But this photo represents how most of us
actually feel in our 3rd trimester, right?

Just don't get too close to my face.

Battle of the bellies.


I am so uncomfortable lugging around this baby these days, but I am SO SAD that I don't get to be pregnant with Lorie(and the gang) in just a few more days:(

Lorie, you are the dearest soul and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your heart and soul into these pictures for my family. We love them and WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and special thanks to sweetie-pie Scott for helping move the couch and lending John his tee shirt.