July 29, 2013

an impulsive decision

This morning I woke up and looked in the mirror.

My eyebrows were looking very dark. And sinister. I felt grumpy.

When I get highlights put in my hair, I usually have my girl lighten my eyebrows a smidge...just so that my hair color blends a little better with my eyebrows.

You might think I'm nuts. But my natural eyebrows are pretty dark. I read online today that dark eyebrows can make your face look too harsh, whereas lighter eyebrows can soften your face a bit. I guess it just depends on the person. Some people look fantastically dramatic with darker eyebrows. I however, do not. And my next hair appointment is over a month away.

On a whim, I googled "how to lighten your eyebrows at home"... just too see if I could fix them myself.
And lo and behold, I stumbled across a tutorial in this nifty blog post.

The girl in the tutorial used Sally's cream hair bleach to lighten her eyebrows. They looked pretty good on her. And I just so happend to have a brand new box in my bathroom cabinets.

Side note: A year or 2 ago, I used to cream bleach the hair on my arms. But it took like 15 minutes and I was too antsy to sit there that long. So one day I just shaved the hair off my arms and I've never looked back. Super easy. I just do it like once or twice a week in the shower when I shave my legs. It only adds like one or 2 minutes to my routine.
Anyhow, back to my story. Without even thinking, I impulsively decided to try bleaching my eyebrows  myself with the Sally's cream bleach.

It was so sudden a decision, I did not even bother  to take a before picture. Sorry! I just had to go fast before I chickened out.

But here is an after shot!

I think they match up well enough. I hope they don't turn orange tomorrrow. Though it would serve me right for being so vain and impulsive;)

So here is what to do, if you are brave enough to try.

1. Grab the creme hair bleach activator and pour a pile the size of a dime{roughly}

2. Then take the bleach and just make a little pile(half the size of the dime pile, roughly).

Oh hi Blue! Kitty is interested. Us girls stick together in this house.

3. Mix these 2 piles together and slap them on your eyebrows. Make sure you smoosh it all in and get all your eyebrows.

4. Leave it on for 2 mintues and check your progress. I left mine on 3 minutes. And washed it off. And done! Yay! Super quick 'n easy and I never had to leave the house.
So. What was your most impulsive DIY beauty trick.  How did it work out?

p.s. my computer is still crashed and so you get posts like these, aye aye aye.

July 23, 2013


My computer is still down and so I did the best I could with this post. Getting pics to load properly on this old laptop is a bear.

1. In case you didn't already know, I get to go to physical therapy twice a week for some minor knee and back/core issues.

Basically, like 2 weeks ago, I had my first back spasm after lifting something incorrectly and it FREAKED ME OUT. Talk about shock to system, yowza. Dr W. was like "get in shape girl" and hand me paperwork for PT.

Lucky me, I get the best PT in town. He is truly amazing. And he is stuck with me.

My new accessory is this resistance band, which Calvin and John want as a sling shot.

While on the table doing one particular {miserable} exercise I accidentally blurted "I hate you!" to my poor PT. Omyword. Whoopsie. After I apologized profusely, he laughed and was like "I've heard much worse".  He's such a good sport.

We had a theological discussion on the subject of predestination, as he was stretching my leg right off. I'm pretty sure he won.

I then hopped off the table and announced "I have to whiz!" You should have seen the startled look on his face, followed by a laugh. Seriously, what is wrong with me? Could I be more awk?

Today when he asked me what kind of talents/skills I had, I listed a few things....and added on "shopping" at the end.

He was like "Davi. Shopping is NOT a skill."

I said, "Yes, it IS."

I mean, you'd agree with me...shopping IS a skill, right?

All of a sudden I feel extra sorry for him that I am his patient.

Though it could be worse. At least I am wearing deodorant for the first time in like 10 years(tmi), just for PT. John made me. And then I go home and wash it off. Because I am a nut--John just shakes his head. In my defense I rarely sweat. But this summer has been a doozy. So. I make allowances. Consider yourself special if I will put deodorant on for you;)

2. I have been doing a lot with Pastor Cesar and Maria this summer with the kids from the reading program. It's my home away from home. A big chunk of my heart is there. Being there just grounds me. Big time. Which I need desperately. I can be so fickle and worldly at times.

My favorite new thing is face-painting for the kids. It's SO MUCH FUN to make a little girl feel beautiful with all that glitter and paint.

We have VBS this week for these kids and so it's gonna be a big week for me.

3. I bought a new rug, inspired by Loriloo. Thanks for letting me copycat Loo!

I decided to redo the wall above the couch. I thought it needed something fresh and new. Bought this arrow/ombre/metal thing at target.

And I have a wee confession. For over a year, I've disliked the color aqua. Just OD'd on it. And I'm now happy to report that I've gotten over my aversion. Aqua and I are good friends again. I think the wall would look less serious with a few pops of aqua.

I ordered these two items at Urban. (print on the left, and cubbies on right)

My sister Jessica talked me into the wooden cubbies. I'm not 100% that these cubbies are my style. But I do like them. And Jessica suggested I put some of my cacti in them. Which I DO think will be cute. We shall see.

Oh and I think the globe adds a nice pop of aqua. I will be adding one of those too. 

July 21, 2013


Hi guys.
My computer hard drive bit the dust the other day. John ordered new parts, which will be here soon. If that doesn't work, we might need to get another computer. I am currently typing on a laptop with no mouse and it's driving me nuts. But if I can get my act together and figure it out, I shall write a post soon.

In the meanwhile, I am on instagram(davirebecca). Miss ya'll. Come by and say hi.

Smooches. XO

July 14, 2013

tale of a late blankie.

While searching through my fabric stash, I realized I was kinda sick of staring at the same old prints.

I needed some new fabrics to inspire me to sew a fun blanket for dear friend Loriloo's THIRD lil mister.

The only problem was...I was in a time crunch.

And the fabrics I needed were only online.

For example, Loriloo loves black and white. And I needed this triangular fabric. Because it kinda matched her sweater, lol. And it was only made in England. And would not be here on time. Boo.

So I decided to make her a little booklet explaining my predicament. She was more than patient in waiting. 

I normally make symmetrical 9-square blankets. But after watching Lorie sew together Ellie's blanket, I  decided it was time to branch out and make a blankie with different sized squares and rectangles.

Problem? My kludgey old cutting system. Was not gonna cut the mustard. So I saved my pennies and recently just upgraded to the new system seen on the right.

Lorie bought me the clear ruler with the purple handle on it. (Thanks Looloo!)
I was on a cutting high all night with that bad boy razor. SO.MUCH.EASIER to cut my funky sizes.

However, it was more challenging DECIDING which pieces should go where. Oi. I stared for a long time. And finally just started cutting and sewing, otherwise I'd get nowhere.

Little triangle appliqu├ęs.

And all done. Congrats to Loriloo and baby Wesley. Love you both.  Smooches.

July 8, 2013

little cacti party.

So one of my dolls(dolls=cute young friends that makes me look old) was having a birthday and so I had a few friends over to celebrate.

My friends and I often go too far on parties...ya know...obnoxious pinterest overload. We are trying to turn a new leaf. At least for "normal" bdays:

No banners.
No party favors.
Just some yummy snacks and desserts and whatever decorations are on hand.

Remember my blue arrow tablecloth? Well, I had been dying to use it. So I piled some of my beloved cacti in the middle. 

And bought a few sprigs of eucalyptus because I'm obsessed and they are cheap.

Set up our costco table and folding chairs.

Ok, I'm realizing my folding chairs look super cheesy and I really should have used my kitchen chairs. Fooey, Davi!

Dewars{peanut butter} chews are seriously my favorite candy on the planet. They taste like abazabba's that are light and fluffy but a million times better.  You must taste one before you die.

Gift tag for bday girl: Cricut for cutting triangles and metal ring for attaching to bag. Metal rings are one of my new favorite things. Easy peasy.

And I ventured out and made some Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee. My friend Jen bought some fancy-pants cupcakes that cost a small fortune.

I bought that smallish liquid dispenser at walmart for like $12. Super convenient for small parties and fits right in fridge.

A few days after the party, my friend Katie Russell texted me this photo of cactus cupcakes(from Pinterest). They would have looked cute with this party, no? Just dreaming:

Maybe I can make them for my birthday. After all, it is tradition in our family to make your own cake.

Side note: These cupcakes are my VERY FIRST Pinterest pin, wahooo! I basically needed a Pinterest account just so I could have 3 social media buttons under my profile picture, instead of 2, haha.  Two buttons looked incomplete. So Pinterest, I'm basically just using you. But who knows? Maybe I'll find something cool to pin.

The girls say hiiiii!

Behind the scenes: Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee 

Started off so simple. Just dump your coffee grinds in water and leave overnight.

Bought some cute stuff to strain it: fine mesh strainer and cheese cloth. All ready to go!

I really tried...but my strainer fell into the container, splashing everthing and basically making a huge mess.

"John! John! Wake up and HELP ME!"

No lie, I had to wake my husband from a nap to help me. It was a two-man job.

Me and the Pioneer Woman...yah...we are like the same. (wink)

July 5, 2013

the land of the free!

Oh hi ya'll. I hope you had a very happy 4th. 

I'm only posting like 4 or 5 pics today. 
That is a record LOW for me. 
Why so few?
1. It was dang HAWT outside and the boys were all grumpy face. And I was gonna pass out. It was high noon in these pics.

2. I had a little mishap with my jean shorts. Let me explain. 

I was cutting off some jean shorts and John thought they looked too short. 
I was like "nut uh!, they are fine dad" (Rude of me, I know)
He then put yellow post-it notes on my legs(no lie) and told me that my shorts needed to be "yay long".
Anyhow, I ended up cutting 2 pairs of shorts...one shorter, one longer.

And I ended up wearing the shorter ones for our 4th-o-July pics. Big mistake.
Turns out John WAS right. They were a little too short when I looked at the actual pics and hence I could not post most of them. Stupid me. 

3. And the rest of the day I was lounging in my sister Jessica's pool on a raft like a beached whale, way too lazy to take pics. 
I wasn't trying to get a tan, but I was trying to eradicate the glare of white off my legs. 
Jessica literally tethered the raft to the pool fence so I wouldn't crash into all the kids and get all wet. As we used to say as kids, "I did not get in this pool to get wet!"

And one from insta(davirebecca)... 
Instagram seems a bit easier these days. I upgraded to a new iphone4 ,which could actually take pictures that were not super dark or blurry like my old iPhone3.

Insta is like blogger on crack, lol. Just so fast and easy. And perfect for our lazy summers, Amen?!
Thank you Lord for the freedoms I have in this country, despite its numerous problems. 

And from my Jesus Calling devo, on the importance of being thankful, and focusing on the good things in your life:

When you focus on what you don't have or on situations that displease you, your mind also becomes darkened. You take for granted life, salvation, sunshine, flowers and countless other gifts from me. You look for what is wrong and refuse to enjoy life until that is "fixed"

Don't know about you but that last part especially hit home for me. I'm a fixer. I dwell on my problems too much, instead of focusing on the positive. 

July 1, 2013

shabby apple winner

And the $50 gift card to Shabby Apple goes to:

Congratulations! I will be emailing you to get your address.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway!