October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Kids

We went to the pumpkin patch with some friends yesterday and had dinner with them afterwards. While there, John begged me to play guitar hero with him. My last attempt failed miserably. This time, however, I correctly strummed over half the notes, and even manged to raise the guitar arm during star power! That game is lot harder than it looks!

My little guitar hero--notice his left hand in his pocket? Once he strolled into our bedroom at 3am, both hands in his pockets, and casually said, "hi-ii". We love our Calvin Jack!

Let the hunt begin! John makes fun of Finn's "Santa" jacket, but I love it!

In a sea of pumpkins, Finn thinks this one looks promising.

Finn is pleased as punch with his selection. I love the grey logs in the background.

OOOh, this one is "heaby"!

Ollie is bummin. One of my favorite pouty faces!

Ahh...I've got my 1st pumpkin...
...and my big brother. Much better!
Back at the home-front with my new lovely Martha Stewart pumpkins.

My funky duck pumpkins. Aren't they hideous? I just had to have them!

Happy Pumpkin Hunting to you all!!

October 7, 2007

Up and Running!

Other than watching Brothers&Sisters, my most recent form of entertainment has been scoping out the underground world of blogging. What will Lorie write today, I wondered. Then, friday night, I saw that Colleen-just-3-weeks-post-partum was up and running with her blog. Hm. Maybe I'll give it a whirl too. How hard could it be? I had a slow start to say the least. Are there NO decent pictures of all 3 boys together for my header?? My last 2 photo shoots with Ellie were maternity and just Ollie, and I'm not scheduled for another session with her til next month. So, in the meanwhile, please bear with my ancient photo of Ollie.

Because it was the grand debut for my first post, I felt too much pressure to write something important. So, instead, I wiled away saturday afternoon playing with swirlies on my photos. Maybe they will distracted by all the lines and won't notice that my post was empty?
Then I got a bright idea! I will start taking photos every sunday, since my boys will be dressed and have their hair brushed. Well, Ollie spit up all over his church clothes just a few minutes before departure, and it was a mad dash to scramble out the door. I even had to brush the boys' hair in the parking lot. No biggy. I'll just take pictures when we get home....

But wait, is that Finn in his chonies??

And where have Calvin's clothes flown off to?

My boys tear off their clothes the second they step foot in the door. So, after lunch, meany mama made then get dressed for sunday pictures. Enjoy!

Ollie at 3.5 months

Calvin is all smiles

Finny and Calvin, two peas in a pod

At last! 3 boys in one photo!

Nervous Calvin, afraid Ollie is going to crush him!