March 20, 2008

angel boys

One day, Finn came flying into my room at mach speed. When I inquired about his get-up, he informed me that he was dressed up like an angel. Exept instead of white robes and golden halos, he used pillow-sham wings and shoe-string halos.
flying around like wild mashuginas!!

The source of Finn's inspiration? During sunday school this December, the teachers dressed up the children as angels as part of the Christmas festivites. They took pictures of the kids and sent them home to their parents as little gifts. I was informed ahead of time by the photographer that Calvin started screaming the moment they put his costume on. And sure enough, when I got my photo in the mail, Calvin was bawling his eyes out. He seemed happy enough to let Finn dress him up though.
At one point, Calvin was flapping about so wildy that he lost his balance. He could not use his hands too break his fall, since they were tucked into the pillowcase, so he took quite the spill. And then he fell again. Luckily no angels were seriously hurt during the filming of this production. John joked that Calvin was a fallen angel. I did not think that was funny. Neither did Finn.
Flying off into the sunset.


  1. LOL!!!! Those boys are hysterical!
    I love it!

  2. Hee hee, love it! Calvin's wild-eye smile is hysterical. And though I know Calvin is no fallen angel, that is a pretty decent pun. :)
    Cute post!

  3. hehe, that is so cute! Now there is something I would never have thought of: pillow shams for wings. Good idea!

    I have to admit, I did laugh a little at the pun... but certainly not at the fact that your poor little guy fell down. :)

  4. Hilarious! I loved getting to spend time with the boy and really see their amazing creativity and personality.

  5. Your boys really are creative- that is awesome! Hey I have a random question. Can I get your email address? I'm thinking of starting outline/embroidery stitching and have some questions for you. Thanks! Mine's