March 26, 2008


When John tucked Calvin into bed and turned on his aquarium, Calvin informed John that he was watching his "show":
These aquarium wonders are the next best thing to Shamu. Though still not enough to entice Calvin-the-sleep-bandit to stay in bed for too long. He later got out of bed, found John and stretched out his finger.

"there's a scratch on my fingin daddy".

Daddy did not think that it required 1st aid and asked Calvin where his blankies and animals were.

"they're in yours room daddy".

Calvin is currently pluralizing everything. Like when he pointed at a word on John's shirt and said there were "twos n's on it". In fact, as I'm writing this, Calvin just said "oh, news marshmellows", referring to the fresh bag of marshmellows John opened(Calvin insists on rewarding himself with a mini marshmellow every time he goes potty).

I would post more pertinent info, but I'm "toos" tired. zzzzzzzzzzz

p.s. when I got up this morning, I showed Calvin this post--he pointed at the aqaurium and said "there's my tv".


  1. it may not have been pertinent, but it sure was cute. Or should I say "cutes"?

  2. Ahh, Calvin-- he is so stinkin' cute. Very cute post-- gave me a laugh :)

  3. I love his excuses for getting up. Makenna would have a new excuse every night for why she was out of bed.

  4. So funny! Joshy just learned how to turn his TV on and off. It's jolly good fun!