March 13, 2008

favorite new book

Gretchen lent us this charming little Dr. Seuss book: It has quickly become a favorite around here. I love it, the boys love it, everyone loves it! How on earth can you resist a book that has "a pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them"?

I'm not nearly as good as reading to the boys as John is...however, this little number has definitely inspired me to do better. The last few days I could hardly wait til Calvin's naptime just so I could bundle us all together on the couch to read this book.

It would a make a great addition to any Easter basket, as it is very smallish and measures just 5.25"x5.75".Get it:)


  1. What is it about dr. seuss that gets these kiddos? James loves them!

  2. we LOVE Dr. Seuss!! I do remember this book from my childhood, but have not yet gotten for my girlies.

    by the way, and I hope this doesn't make you think I'm going to kidnap you again (haha), but you are gorgeous! Those are stunning pictures of you. And your cuties, of course. :)

  3. thanks Talia!

    My sister just said she tried to find the book yesterday and it unfortunately is out if print and sells anywehre between $35-$150. EEKs.

    It does sell in a 5 story-book for a reasonable price though.