March 28, 2008


Wednesday night, Ollie woke up almost every hour during the night and even yacked on me a few times. I thought he must have eaten too much and was just spitting up. The next day, he continued throwing up here and there, and even had a bit of diarrhea, but otherwise he seemed happy and wanted to play. I was puzzled. Or maybe in a little bit of denial. Perhaps it was the cheese I gave him? Or maybe he was a little sick? And then last night he threw up on me twice. For some reason, it still did not occur to me that he actually had the flu bug, otherwise I would not have so brazenly carried him about, without regards to my furniture. Or without being worried about him crawling around puking on the carpet. Life just carried on. My parents were planning on coming up and spending the night. I told them about Ollie but they were not too concerned. Until Finn started throwing up.

Finn on yacking:
"I'm not's just spit...the clear the clear tape you put on presents."

It looks like I'm not the only one in denial.

Don't worry though, we cancelled our weekend plans. I'm really bummed that we don't get to see my parents. We will stay holed up till this passes. And I may be taking a little blogging break this weekend if I end up sick myself. Speaking of breaks...have you ever been thoroughly annoyed that blogger sporadically does not allow you to make a line break? Normally, I really don't care but yesterday I was really annoyed that blogger was smarter than me. So, I looked it up here and learned that blogger does it to help you save space?? Thanks blogger! You can press return as many times as you like, but it still won't give you that line break between paragraphs. Unless you force a line break, using this simple html tag :
When I tried to type it out here, it worked so well, it disappeared when I pressed "publish post" and gave me the promised line break instead. So I had to use a picture of the text instead. That's my only picture, considering I am not posting any pictures of this flu're welcome! And have a nice weekend!


  1. Sorry about the yacking...yucky. Thanks for the blogging advice...I'm illiterate when it comes to HTML.

    Oh, and link away to me, that would be fine. I haven't added yours to mine since you use real names...but I will if you're not opposed. You're in my bloglines, so I don't miss any posts. =)

  2. Sorry about the flu, but Finny is hysterical!!!! Surely it will be worth it in the end, just for that gem of a quote.

    And thanks for the insight into bogger's html psyche. I've always wondered why it was so uncooperative!

  3. oh, I'm really glad you told me about the spacing thing, because I can't tell you how many times I've been totally frustrated at blogger for that very thing.

    I hope your litle ones are feeling better by now, and no one else got sick. "Yacking" is never ever fun for anyone-- those doing it, or those cleaning it!!

    By the way, I laughed at your last comment to me because you are right-- if I'm not singing to myself I'm probably talking to myself. Great, now you are going to think I'm a crazy internet person. I promise I am totally normal in person. :)

  4. So sorry about the flu. How are you guys holding up?

  5. um...a little birdy told me about a new header....involving too-cute-for-words boys...when does it debut?