September 18, 2009

Hurry back!






We are patiently waiting to jump back into our comfy cozy socks!

The best part of the fall and winter is the fun accessories, don't you think?

Well, minus these old ties...but the boys insisted on wearing them.

Just like Ollie insisted on wearing this tie over his tee today while we dropped Finn off at school.

Like how he insisted on wearing his Elmo slippers yesterday...

Or his green froggy rain boots the day before yesterday.

But none of this compared to the giant spectacle we made the other day, when I insisted on dragging all 4 boys to the Parent's Club meeting the day before that.

In my defense, they said small kids were welcome.

I highly doubt they meant 4 small kids, including toddlers and infants.

I thought we'd meet in the large multi-purpose room.

They thought we'd meet in a tiny portable classroom.

I thought it would be informal.

They thought they'd invite the principal and make official votes with "All those in favor say I" & "Any nays" & "Do we have a second?"

I thought my boys would behave.

Ollie and Twain thought they'd have simultaneous melt-downs of epic proportions.

I thought I'd simultaneously bounce Ollie and Twain on my knees to calm them down.

A new friend thought she'd hold Twain for me while he fussed endlessly.

I thought I'd be able to escape when my boys got rowdy.

They thought they'd block every aisle possible so that there was NO conceivable way to push my double stroller by without making an even BIGGER spectacle saying "excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, pardon me".

I thought the official meeting would last half an hour.

They thought the meeting would last over an hour.

I thought I would look nice in my new black shirt I got for my birthday.

Instead I sat red-faced, sweating BULLETS, from the stress of the humiliation of the spectacle that shall never again happen to me on the face of this planet, Amen.


  1. Yeah...I considered going to that meeting. This post is making me very happy with my decision. :)

  2. How do you get four small boys plus yourself dressed and accessorized and to anything somewhat on time? I cannot even imagine how that can happen. Good for you for trying. It will get better in, oh, five or six years. Maybe. = )

  3. ok. i love the pics of the boys in their socks and ties. and i love your comedic excerpt about the meeting.

  4. oh dear poor Davi! I can't imagine. At least your boys...melt down or no are unbelievably cute...
    I love your little independent Ollie...reminds me of a certain someone...;)

  5. OH DAVI, LOL! I know it wasn't funny at the time, but at least you, I mean, we, can laugh about it now. Wait until Twain is in K, then you can sign up for the volunteer list. Until then, enjoy the two minutes of down time you get each day. ;)

  6. I just found this blog...I have two boys...I love your writing and your pictures! The meeting sounds about my life with a 3yr old and a newborn right now!

    I have to ask...where did you get those belts? They are awesome!

  7. sounds like a horrible dream for any mother! got me sweating just thinking about it! you are brave!

  8. good grief those socks are cute! and those belts!! i want some for my girls (no offense, but they could swing both ways, eh?) where'd ya get 'em?? (who am i kidding, you prolly made them cause you're SO dang crafty like that!) :) and that school meeting? humpf. that sounds just awful. here's to a better week for me & you both!

  9. Well summed up, Davi! You're so hilarious. That would be horrible! I'd be hating every minute of it and sweating bullets, too. Good thing your kids are so cute! They'll always be loved even if they can't sit like 30-year-olds for over an hour. :) bethany

  10. Honestly Davi, I bet your kids were the only thing making the meeting interesting AT ALL! People should be lining up to thank you! =)

  11. ohh honey, im sorry :o(

    at least your boys are darling as ever and have a cool mom that dresses them in fun cool clothes.

  12. I've been there Davi! I TRY to find a sitter before meetings now, but it's hard! I have a backpack full of goodies for them to quietly play with but with the little one it's difficult to say if she'll still have a meltdown. You have a wonderful weekend!