November 8, 2009

Can it be?

Is it possible that Twain is already 6 months old?


In the words of Talia, "If you need me, I'll be in the bedroom sobbing hysterically into a teeny-tiny little onesie".

Ha, Talia, you kill me:)

Well, what a difference a month makes. Last time I reported, Twain was the perfect little peach of a baby doll.

And's be kind and say he is teething.

Teething quite ferociously I might add. Making him exponentially more fussy than he used to be. Poor thing is gnawing on everything in sight.

Now, he is clingy.
And cries a lot.

The other night at Target, he was crying so persistently, that any ability for me to make a decision was thrown right out the window. He just wanted me to hold him.

We are giving him highlands teething tablets. Which seem to be helping. Or so I tell myself, to preserve my sanity:)

Don't get me wrong. There are many, many times when he is happy.

And there are even many times when he happily plays on the floor.

Twain at 6 months:

You are more fiercely determined than any of your brothers. You will stop at NOTHING to grab the object you desire.

You are sitting, for the most part, though you are wobbly at times.

You are a rolling machine and even tried to get to your knees a few times.

When you are not crying, you seem very excited about something. You adore your brothers and are determined to keep up with them.

When did you turn into such a wild little thing?

You are crazy about your mama, and do a lock-down stare at her anytime someone else is holding you. You just gotta keep her in your sight at all times.

I love you Twain...You certainly are keeping this mama on her toes!


  1. Seriously, he's so precious. I just want to pick him up and cuddle him - at least that's what the pictures make me want to do. I'm sure if he were screaming in my ear, I'd be giving him back quickly.

  2. Happy half birthday to you Twain. What a love bug you are in your momma made beanies and argyle Babylegs. Don't let your momma blame you for her indecisiveness. I can remember her being like that long before you were born. (Love you Davi!!)

  3. Oh Davi, he's just precious. That second picture...just perfect! How did 6 months go by so quickly?? Don't spend too much time crying in the bathroom because he'll be all grown up when you come out. ;(

  4. why do they grow so fast!?

    He is a doll..sooo cute!

  5. Dude! Squishy! LOVE this kid. Can I hold him?

  6. 6 months already?! but you just had him!
    oh he is just such a doll...even with the upset teething it!

  7. He is just as scrumptious as your other boys! Great pictures!

  8. I CANNOT get enough of his CUTENESS!!! Twain, please don't grow up!

  9. Twain we just absolutely love you so much! Stop growing =( Seeing him, Ben and Cohen today ... all looking so big for their usual smallness, made me sad!

  10. can he get any cuter? you dress all your boys so darn CUTE! i can't stand it! the teething stage is no fun at all! i don't know how you do it friend. really. hugs!

  11. Aww, he's so cute! And I love the yellow + grey..but who doesn't? My sister's baby girl just turned 6 months this weekend, they should be friends :)

  12. He is so cute! I love the way you dress him! I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with you this weekend. You're a fabulous friend! :)

  13. Love the toesies in that last picture! So cute!

  14. he is so much CUTENESS!!!! those baby legs are just too much, i just wanna squeeze those chunky legs! :D

    Happy 6mos Twain, you just keep getting cuter and cuter <3

  15. Oh Davi, he is adorable! I could just eat those little cheeks up! Where does the time go?! Didn't you just visit me in the hospital when you were preggo? I swear that was like last week! ;)

    Ugh.. soon our babies will be getting married and we will be holding each other sobbing in the front row. :) lol

  16. he is SUCH a little love. Just the perfect amount of squishiness and cuddliness. I'm so glad I got to hold him and love on him for the first time at Lorie's shower.

    You always capture your boys so perfectly in your wonderful pictures, I love them! Twain, you are so cute I can hardly stand it.
    Hope the teething gets better... it's rough. I know what you mean about them hitting a stage. Rosalie has reached the demanding "if-you-don't-give-me-what-i-want-right-now-I'm-going-to-scream-really-really-loud" stage. hehe.

    ps. I am ridiculously pleased that you quoted little ol' me :)

  17. Those thighs! Those cheeks!!! OHMYGOODNESS!!!!! You seriously have some of the cutest boys I've EVER seen! What a proud mommy you must be!

  18. Ok, PLEASE tell me where you shop for your kids' clothing, especially for Twain's outfit in this post! My first baby is coming in March and it is a boy and I would love for him to be as stylish and cute as your little one but have no idea where to shop for a little boy!