October 7, 2007

Up and Running!

Other than watching Brothers&Sisters, my most recent form of entertainment has been scoping out the underground world of blogging. What will Lorie write today, I wondered. Then, friday night, I saw that Colleen-just-3-weeks-post-partum was up and running with her blog. Hm. Maybe I'll give it a whirl too. How hard could it be? I had a slow start to say the least. Are there NO decent pictures of all 3 boys together for my header?? My last 2 photo shoots with Ellie were maternity and just Ollie, and I'm not scheduled for another session with her til next month. So, in the meanwhile, please bear with my ancient photo of Ollie.

Because it was the grand debut for my first post, I felt too much pressure to write something important. So, instead, I wiled away saturday afternoon playing with swirlies on my photos. Maybe they will distracted by all the lines and won't notice that my post was empty?
Then I got a bright idea! I will start taking photos every sunday, since my boys will be dressed and have their hair brushed. Well, Ollie spit up all over his church clothes just a few minutes before departure, and it was a mad dash to scramble out the door. I even had to brush the boys' hair in the parking lot. No biggy. I'll just take pictures when we get home....

But wait, is that Finn in his chonies??

And where have Calvin's clothes flown off to?

My boys tear off their clothes the second they step foot in the door. So, after lunch, meany mama made then get dressed for sunday pictures. Enjoy!

Ollie at 3.5 months

Calvin is all smiles

Finny and Calvin, two peas in a pod

At last! 3 boys in one photo!

Nervous Calvin, afraid Ollie is going to crush him!


  1. I'm so impressed! You just started and you know how to make your blog so cute!!!

    Okay, so does the spitting up thing not stop??? I do SO MUCH laundry! I swear Sam stores milk in his cheeks and then sprays it out at THE MOST inopportune time, i.e. moments before church, when he has a fresh clean outfit on, just after a bath, etc. :)

    Keep 'em coming, Davi!

  2. So fun Davi! I am trying to get the blogging thing down too! I love the pictures! Keep it up and you'll encourage me to do the same! :)

  3. So fun Davi! I am trying to get the blogging thing down too! I love the pictures! Keep it up and you'll encourage me to do the same! :)

  4. See? YOU ROCK! I am so jealous of your page! Love it girly!

  5. Christie-The spitting up does improve...though I would not recommend topping him off right before church to get you through the service--oherwise, major last-minute wardrobe changes!

  6. Wow - good for you, and so pro looking. Alot better than ours. I need step up my blogging game i guess. The boys are so handsome. I love there hair and outfits. I can't believe how big Calvin is already and Finn, he looks tall. Thanks for the congrats. We have plans to be out in Cali in May (i know many eons from now) but we would LOVE to get together.

  7. SO PROUD OF YOU! It took me a long while to figure out how to make cute headers and stuff, and I'm totally envious of your swirlies..amazing how blogging, while short and sweet at times, can also consume an entire afternoon! =)

    Love to you!
    OH and dinner last night was great-many thanks!!!

  8. This is SO Davi...Already your blog is all tricked out and artsy and beautiful. You're amazing!

  9. this was my first time seeing your kids besides ollie. theyre so beautiful!! what a cool little family you guys have. im attempting the blog thing too...good job making it look so lovely.

  10. Davi!
    Im so glad you're on here now! I was so excited to see your link of Sara! Beautiful page, beautiful boys... how fun to be able to stay updated now :-)

  11. ya i was disappointed to not go on wednesday but i do think it was better. im planning on going this week though- i really just needed to sleep and be home for a little while.
    thanks for the encouragement on nursing- i love it and am blessed that hes a good eater i think im just not doing things i should be to keep my energy up lately.