October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Kids

We went to the pumpkin patch with some friends yesterday and had dinner with them afterwards. While there, John begged me to play guitar hero with him. My last attempt failed miserably. This time, however, I correctly strummed over half the notes, and even manged to raise the guitar arm during star power! That game is lot harder than it looks!

My little guitar hero--notice his left hand in his pocket? Once he strolled into our bedroom at 3am, both hands in his pockets, and casually said, "hi-ii". We love our Calvin Jack!

Let the hunt begin! John makes fun of Finn's "Santa" jacket, but I love it!

In a sea of pumpkins, Finn thinks this one looks promising.

Finn is pleased as punch with his selection. I love the grey logs in the background.

OOOh, this one is "heaby"!

Ollie is bummin. One of my favorite pouty faces!

Ahh...I've got my 1st pumpkin...
...and my big brother. Much better!
Back at the home-front with my new lovely Martha Stewart pumpkins.

My funky duck pumpkins. Aren't they hideous? I just had to have them!

Happy Pumpkin Hunting to you all!!


  1. Just passing through in cyberspace. Your little boys are so cute. My boys are grown young men now, but sometimes it seems like yesterday they were small and sweet like your babies. Enjoy them. This precious time will fly by!

  2. Davi! Your pumpkins are hilarious! I have to say though, my favorite one is of Ollie and his pumpkin...interesting placement choice! heheheh.

  3. Egads!Rookie mistake. I did not even notice...

  4. I'm so bummed I missed the pumpkin patch, I didn't get the email till two days later.
    Oh well.
    We'll just have to go as a family=)

  5. these are so fun. finn looks so much like you its uncanny! mmmm pumpkin hunting...i love fall.
    i dont know of any crazy herbal remedies for teething but ill keep looking and let you know if anything comes up. any luck with ollie and the lavender? its also good for adults if you have a headache- put a drop or so on your temples and forehead.

  6. Such CUTE pictures and such CUTE boys!

  7. Your boys are so adorable. They always look so cute! Great pumpkin choices...I especially love the color coordinating ones in the kitchen! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  8. well i am very much a beginning knitter. my knitting skills get me about as far as scarves and coasters, not too impressive. i love christmas shopping, especially when i start early enough that it doesnt all happen at once and hurt us too bad financially. this year we are really going to try and keep it simple but im still really excited.
    see you wednesday!

  9. Hi Davi! Just found your blog and it is so fun to see your little men. Just saw your mom and she said you were all doing well, which is great to hear! Take care, Katey