March 4, 2009

it's wednesday night

and the mood is bright...because it's pizza night!

We have recently declared Wednesay as pizza night around here.

And since I have always been secretly dying to do a Pioneer Woman post...

Procure pizza pies from freezer

Pop in oven

Set timer for 14-15 minutes. Which I forgot to do, of course. Miraculously, they didn't burn.

Make salad, using bagged lettuce.

I know you are all super jealous of my mad cooking skills.

And because no cooking post is complete without the side distraction...

Ollie spilled Raisin Bran all over the floor. Three vultures then swept in for the kill. Is this what *beans & rice* has reduced us to?

And you'll notice they gobbled the raisins right up. How are we even related, I wonder? I can't even look at a raisin without shriveling up(only exception, Natasha's famous oatmeal raisin cookies).

And surprisingly, with all that time spent slaving away in the kitchen, I even had time to run a few errands. I bought sewing supplies at Joanns, cover-up at Sephoras, socks at Children's Place, and new jeans at Motherhood.

Yes, it was finally time to buy the dreaded maternity clothes. Sadly, my super-low-rise american eagles are too tight, even with a rubber band. 

And WHY hasn't anyone told me of the new secret fit seamless belly at Motherhood?????

If you haven't tried them, you MUST. They are so comfortable, I can hardly come to myself. You can wear them 2 ways. Over belly, or folded under. And strangely enough, both ways are comfy. I have never been able to wear over-the-belly pants because I have an aversion to anything touching my stomach.

And the best part? They come in size petite, so I don't have to hem them. I am going to wear them on a playdate tomorrow where I FINALLY get to meet this little missy


  1. I looooove it. Especially the pics of the boys in the kitchen. Awesome. The pizza night is right up by ally. Intact I'm pretty sure there was a certain frozen pizza brand we kept in business during my pregnancy. : ) Love the secret fit jeans too!! Oh, and thank you for your comment, that really is great perspective & I've been thinking about it all day.

  2. Now that's my kind of cooking!

  3. Hmmmm... pizza. Monday was our pizza night. :-)

    Oh... and yes, I've been in love with the secret fit jeans from Motherhood since I first tried them on back at 13 weeks. I LOVE them!!! They are getting a bit tight now, so I'm thinking I need to start folding them over, but still, they are awesome. :-) I have 2 pairs of their jeans and 2 pairs of cargo capri's... both with the secret fit top. I can't believe you are JUST NOW getting maternity pants!

  4. When I tried on the Secret Fit jeans at Motherhood I proclaimed aloud... "Why did it take them so long??!!!!" and every pregnant woman in the store started cracking up. They are the best most comfy jeans ever. Ever. Glad you found some for yourself! I actually had the opposite problem with needing them in a size long. Which of course you have to order online. Bah. Anyway... Wednesday night is always our pizza/hot dog/sloppy joe night. Something quick before Awana!!

  5. Ooooh, I love me some totino's! I can eat a whole one by myself. and for $.99, you can't go wrong!

    Too bad about the raisins! I won't allow them in my house...

  6. I was dreading maternity jeans. I bought the Bella band to fit over my regular jeans. Then I caved and bought a pair becuase wearing unbuttoned jeans all day gets a little uncomfortable. As soon as I bought a pair and wore them, I thought "What was I thinking not buying these all along! They are like pajama pants... but jeans!" I have been hooked ever since.. even though I still wear my old jeans.

  7. I laughed out loud at your cooking post parody! It was spot on!

  8. OK, do two of those tiny pizzas really feed your whole family of 5? No wonder you are all so thin! ;) And that cooking is my kind of cooking! I love easy stuff!

    YAY for comfortable maternity jeans! It's so hard to find good stuff that fits right.

  9. sunny- but we had salad too:)

    ok, maybe john busted out some left-over speghetti for the boys too...

  10. the other day at winco i swear the lady in back of me in line had like 20 of those pizzas in her cart! i guess they are super yummy and I better get some. i am all for cheap easy dinners! :)

    and don't you LOVE how cheap the bagged salad is at winco!? I love to get a huge thing of cesar salad for like three bucks. YUMMY! :)

  11. HAHA! My husband screeches at the thought of raisins too!! So funny that they ate them all up...what good little boys!