February 28, 2009

Calvin has arrived

Calvin has moved up in the world. Lots of "little" big changes. Starting with...

A new bike!

When I first saw the bike I had to suppress a smirk. It was tiiiiiiiny. "There is no way Calvin is going to fit on that twerpy thing", I thought.

Of course, the joke was on me, as this fidget-bike practically dwarfed my small boy. Major optical illusion or something.

Calvin demands very little in life, so we were very surprised when he pleaded for a McQueen helmet. I caved, and purchased this "character" apparel. What is next? Squeaky sneakers that light up? I should not be so scornful. Before kids, I would not have imagined watching Barney. But I will freely and unabashedly proclaim that the purple dinosaur has frequented our home on numerous occasions.

The next HUGE development for Calvin was a real BED!!!

John and Calvin had been plotting for months on making this big transition. Age 3 came and went without a new bed. Why? I am lazy and was content to let Calvin sleep in his toddler/converter crib til he was in high school.

Around 2 months ago, John came home with a twin mattress set for Calvin. It was pretty thrilling for the boys. But, there it sat, without a proper frame or comforter, for another month or so. Friends wanted to see the boys' room and I felt sorry for Calvin, that his bed looked so shabby.

And Finn would comment, "Calvin's bed needs some wood". Every day, Finn would pile his animals onto his headboard, like so.

And it wasn't long before Calvin was requesting some wood for his animals too.

And then John started hounding me too. I wasn't sure how to make this happen. When you are on a strict budget, it forces you to become very resourceful. So I gathered up a lot of my antique tins and bowls that I no longer needed and carted them off to an antique store, to trade in toward payment of the bed frame.
I originally thought I'd paint it black to match Finny's. But I cannot bring myself to destroy this perfectly lovely natural distressed finish.

Nope, I just cannot do it.

Needless to say, we are all THRILLED with Calvin's new bed. Finn noticed that Calvin's bed was a few inches taller than his:)

And finally, there is a new stuffed critter in Calvin's arms these days. Say hello to replacement kitty. 
Ollie kept meowing for Calvin's old orange kitty, so we did a little switcheroo.

I couldn't be happier for my dear 3-year old boy.


  1. Looks great! I'm with you, I like the distressed finished also. He is such a big boy and so cute!

  2. Yay for a big boy bed AND a bike. So exciting!

  3. that is just the cutest thing ever!! i love his new big boy bed :) my girls are still in a crib & they're 2 & 1/2 now, so no judgement from me..ha! they don't jump out yet, so i figure why ruin a good thing?! maybe by their 5th bday!

  4. Gege has definitely arrived. The room looks geat!

  5. How fun! That makes him such a big boy now (single tear)! And the bed looks like a GREAT find!

  6. Wow I love that head board. I'm in a similar situation with Logan's bedroom. He needs a new matress and headboard and bedding... all on a budget. Eeek.

  7. oh how exciting! A new bike, bed, AND kitty-cat! :) Good for big-boy Calvin-- he looks quite happy over it all. he's so cute...

    the bed is wonderful. I'm glad you didn't paint it, that wood is really too perfect, just like you said. It looks great!!

  8. What a cute bed for Calvin! I keep putting off blogging about my three year old's "new" bed. I may just copy you sometime. ;) Calvin rides without training wheels? Wow, I am impressed. My boys are such chickens.

  9. OHMYGOODNESS the last 2 pics of that precious little boy could melt anybody's heart! He is simply adorable!!! I love their bedroom...it is so very cute. So glad the little guy was able to convert from his toddler bed before he goes to prom! ;)