December 18, 2009

Christmas card '09

This December, my daily little trips to the mailbox have been MOST entertaining to say the least. I've been getting some wonderfully imaginative & creative Christmas cards this

It's been 4 years since we took a complete family picture for our Christmas card. I decided it was high time for me to brave the family photo this year. It was kind of a daunting prospect for me, but I really did want to have the whole family together.

I am so glad that I joined my little gang...otherwise the amazingly talented Lorie would not have captured my favorite photo ever, of me holding Twain.

Lorie just captured the light so magically, and I will forever treasure the above photo, because these baby years are so fleeting. Little pudgy hands grabbing my necklace. Time please stop. Right now.

Finn was on his best behavior for Miss Lorieloo.

Calvin was a bit distracted...and shaggy. One would never know he just had his hair cut the night before. I'm totally serious.

And Ollie would have NOTHING to do with pictures. He kind-of, sort-of got woken up early from his nap. Oops. And a balloon was the cause of all sorts of melt downs.

What is the statistical probability of getting all of my boys to cooperate for the camera?

One in one million?

Another day, I tried to take some group photos of the boys, after Ollie had a proper nap.

But Ollie kept trying to escape our little band of brothers. The open air was just too much of a temptation for my 2 year old. So I did something any professional amateur would do...I sent my hubby into the house to grab the laptop, so Ollie could watch a video. I know what you are she did NOT do that...but oh yes, she did do that...John was just shaking his head.
Did my ingenius idea work?

If you are satisfied with a semi-contained, slightly doped up child, then yes, my scheme was a smashing success.

And he did perk up at one point!

And not crying.

My little peas-in-a-pod.

Finn is not intense at all. Nope, not my firstborn.

Twain at 7 months old. He is turning out to be quite the wild child. VERY expressive. VERY enthusiastic. VERY excited about life.

He is not a real big sleeper, much to my dismay. He falls asleep ok, but then wakes up 20 minutes later...

...fully refreshed. Oi.
It's a good thing we love you so much little Tweetle Beetle!

And finally, here is our Christmas card for '09.

Front of card:
above photo taken by Becca.

Back of card:

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy celebrating the birth of our dear Savior!


  1. Love the card, love the boys, love you!

  2. wonderful wonderful pictures!!! Loved your cute, as always! =)

  3. I just want to squeeze Twains little cheeks! He looks like he is ready to take on the world. You two have the most handsome little boys! :) Sweet card!

  4. Davi, when I got your card, I just stared at it. It was hard for me to see it as people I knew and not a professional "if-Anthropologie-had-a-family-line" ad. (I mean that as a compliment in a good way.) I also showed your blog to a friend of mine and she said it looked beautiful like a magazine. Your photos and Lorie's are amazing. You ladies are oh so talented.

  5. Oh my gosh, so cute! Random thoughts: I love your outfit! Can I have that chair? Look at those cute little teeth popping up!

  6. You are GORGEOUS!! That first picture is simply amazing! I think you need to do whatever you can to keep the kids happy and if bringing a DVD player out does that then go for it! You are so creative and talented. You have a beautiful family! Thank you so much for sending me your card. :)

  7. I'm reading your post with tears blurring my vision. The photos. The creativity. The beauty. I just can't stand it. You inspire me and touch my heart. Merry Christmas!

  8. my.heart...what sweet boys you have! Good grief..could they get any cuter!!

    LOVE the card!

  9. we loved your card! Scotty said "It looks like Abercrombie." He meant Anthropologie. He's a guy and gets confused.

  10. i was scrolling threw the photos slowing with luke on my lap. when we got to twains picture he smiled and giggled! how cute is that?!

    you have the cutest boys ever!

  11. The Thompson FamilyDecember 19, 2009 at 3:10 PM usual, I was totally impressed by the beauty of your card. Love the "white" Christmas...because sometimes cotton's all you get ;) And yes, that first picture a definite treasure. You have such a beautiful family! And the DVD player idea...A-M-A-Zing....totally stealing it for a necessary day. :)

  12. Cutie patooties!! I love your card!! :-) Jealous of your family photos too.

    Oh and I want that chair!!! :-)

  13. Loved the post...can't wait to see yous:)

  14. Your card is displayed on our mantle and I love it - it's so beautiful! That Twain is too cute with his expressions and those cheeks! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  15. I want to smother sweet Twain in kisses. So yummy! And your card is adorable, as always! Love you!


    Holy amazing!


    Exclamation point!

  17. yes, that picture of you and Twain is perfection. Chubby-handed baby-cheeked gorgeous-sweet-mamma perfection. LOVE. what a treasure.

    I always love hearing the adventures behind your pictures and seeing the extra shots. Mostly just because I cannot get enough of you and your boys. Squeezes for you all, you wonderful family you!!

  18. So cute!!!!! I love the new cards, so much more real and at the same time artistic.

    And I've said it before, but man, I would kill for your hair!

  19. those pics are amazing!! i love the yummy light. and i love the new blog :)

  20. So cute! I love the new look of your blog and your family is precious. Thanks for sharing :)

  21. Oh my oh my oh my! I do not check your blog for like two days and I miss this AMAZING post! Oh how I loved your Christmas card. And a little shout out for your Hubby being such a sport too! LOVE you and your whole family friend. And WOW ... the talent ... Lorie, Becca, and you!!! Can some of that talent PLEASE rub off on me?! And I L.O.V.E the new blog look!!!!!!

  22. I am soooo behind on commenting on your blog but when I saw this post I just HAD to scroll through and see what goodies were here for me to see!
    AND, W-O-W, seriously STUNNING!!! Like -I can't stop staring, this card and these photos are so amazing- stunning!
    Your family is ever so beautiful and I am so jealous of your gorgeous family photos!
    I love hearing about your adventures with your boys and all their precious personalities, I've said it before and I'll say it again- you guys make me want to add to my little brood!!

  23. Love it! Such a beautiful card, so unique, and I love the way the back gives highlights from the year!!!

  24. i loved getting your card in the mail! it got many compliments on my mantle. then as i was getting it to put it on the fridge it fell into a thin space between the mantle and the wall and is forever lost :o(

  25. i could just eat your boys up! & YOU!! YOU are a supermodel BABE. fo sho. i love love loved your card! i showed it to tim & was so giddy about it all. i introduced him to all your boys..he was quite impressed :) love you! thanks for the card! xo.

  26. p.s. your new layout is b-e-a-utiful! love it!! <3