December 9, 2009


My boys pepper me endlessly with requests to have a pet.

And John is the biggest instigator.

They want a dog. Or a cat. But mainly a dog.

I keep saying, "we can get a dog when the youngest is potty-trained..." Because there is only so much poop one mama can handle on any given day.

I really do like dogs, but they are just so needy. And I would feel sorry for it, and end up doing all the work. I just know it.

I've never been much of a cat person, but at this point in life, I really would not mind having one. Because they are pretty independent. And aloof.

Except if they are a white cat named Buddah and live up the street.

Buddah is not aloof. Whenever we go on a walk, Buddah comes out to greet us and tries to jump on us. He just loves us and likes to follow us. And Ollie is totally enamored with Buddah--he immediately stops whatever he is doing when Buddah comes strolling up to us. He loves to pet him and it's so sweet. Oh boy, I would LOVE to get Ollie a kitty.

But I cannot. Too many people in my life are just too allergic.

So no pets for us right now.

The other day, Finn came home from school with a little book on pets.

Each page showed a different pet. Here is the bird on page 3.

And notice on page, 4, they got to write about their very own pet. I'm assuming the teacher told them to draw a picture of their current pet...and if they did not have one, to draw the pet they want??

On page 5, Finn had to include a little picture of his killer whale, with all the other normal pets.

And I think Finn was really serious about the whole thing.

Well, I think a killer whale would fit very nicely in our backyard. And I'm pretty sure no one is allergic.


  1. That is so cool. I love that his pet is unique (and drawn well!).

  2. He has the coolest pet! I love it! My boys are the same way, begging for a pet- any pet! They think they have a mean mommy because I won't let them get one. My husband even wants one but I told him under no uncertain terms before we got married that I NEVER wanted pets and it would be me or the animal who stayed. ;) He's not quite willing to get rid of me just yet. Haha! But I can tell Raymond would love a pet too. I can't deal with cleaning up after any more living creatures either! I'm on your side, Davi. Stay strong! :)

  3. Hilarious! I think I wanted a killer whale for a pet when I was a kid too! I must sheepishly admit "Free Willy" was one of my favorite movies! :)

    And I am personally glad to hear you will not be getting a cat since I am one of "those friends" that is deathly allergic! And I would be so sad if I couldn't come over anymore! ;)

  4. I like Finn's thinking...ask for a Killer Whale- it makes a dog sound like no big deal!

    We are having the same discussion at my house and it looks like I am getting a dog on the 18th. I can't wait and sooo hope it works out! :)

  5. You can have my dog. He looks like a killer whale.
    p.s. I miss you Davi :)

  6. Do you think he really wants one for real?

  7. Man, I could really use some children to entertain me :)

    We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and you're obviously right about the cats: so easy! Although all of them have such different personalities. If you were to get a pet, you should definitely try a kitty first :) Love em.

  8. He can come over and play with Pete anytime he wants! Hilarious... you have to admit that a cat would be easier to clean up after than a killer whale. :)

  9. Come bring the boys by to see Chris's new puppy!

  10. you: "we can get a dog when the youngest is potty-trained..." because there is only so much poop one mama can handle on any given day.

    bwahaaaa! that made me laugh so hard. my poor kids'll never get a pet. i've never been a pet lover. cats, no thanks. bummer for a&e. i'm hoping we'll live in my townhome forever with no yard (giving me a great excuse not to have pets! ha!)

    love the killer whale thing though. that kid has the greatest imagination :)

  11. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. Your boys are so adorable and your pictures are amazing. I have a two year old girl and a five month old baby girl.

  12. LOL such an off the wall Finn thing to say, he is too cute! And once again he made SUCH a good picture =) Pets after babies are big!

  13. I cannot think of a single reason why he shouldn't have a killer whale. Maybe for Christmas?