February 2, 2010


****Tonight we learned that the lobby of the Hotel Montana is not structurally sound enough to handle the heavy equipment to remove the rubble. Instead, workers will have to remove it all by hand, and it could take another 3 weeks to recover anyone. This is heartbreaking news for Renee, the boys and their entire family. Please keep them in your prayers.

I do not personally know Renee or David Hames, but I will never forget their story. (I learned of them through Dan's ordeal). From what I have read, David and Renee have amazing faith in God.****

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January 13, 2010. The day the big quake hit Haiti.

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks. Three weeks since anyone last saw David Hames, the fellow cameraman of Dan Woolley for Compassion International.

Dan Woolley was found in the rubble, 3 days later. And now, almost 3 weeks later, David Hames is still missing.

Dan and David were both together in the lobby when the quake hit. Dan's rescue helped give clues to the possible whereabouts of David.

And the search and rescue teams did find David's tripod, in one piece. And they do believe David was wearing a backpack carrying water and granola bars.

It is possible that David is alive in some pockets--maybe the floor fell through and he is in some sort of basement.

Every day I check his facebook page "Friends of David". I am one of 1,253 members, holding my breath and waiting, every day, praying that he is found.

Every day that goes by is extremely difficult for his wife Renee and their 2 boys. And David's mother is just heart broken.

Family spokesperson Melanie Dobson gives detailed reports every day. Today she says the teams at Hotel Montana are "very, very close" to where David was last seen.

I know it's been a while since I have talked about this...I was hoping to have some better news to share, but this is all that I know.


  1. I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I don't know him (obviously), but whenever I hear about the miraculous survivals I always hope it's David. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. So sad...

    God has a plan and our minds are too finite to comprehend it just yet.

  3. Thanks for keeping us posted Davi, we are still praying to our faithful Lord, if not for what we want, at least for the comfort of his family.

  4. Praying for the miracle that we want & that would a tangible reminder of God's goodness, but also praying that we learn what God is teaching us through this, regardless of the outcome.

  5. Davi - thanks for updating us. The tragedy has reminded me, again, how small the world is. There are people in my life who are personally affected by the earthquake in Haiti by less than 3 degrees of separation. I'm so thankful that God has given me ways to give and help and pray for those in Haiti.

  6. I will be praying..wow...God is soo good he is with him!

  7. I'd been checking the "Haiti Earthquake Hotel Montana" hoping to see good news on him and saw this update there too. So sad :(

  8. Still so devastating and heartbreaking. Thanks for the update. My prayers are with his family as they cope with the questions of where he is and why this happened.

  9. THANK YOU for updating us on this situation. I've been thinking about David and his family a lot. My heart just breaks for his wife and kids and the whole family right now. Prayers, prayers, prayers for them all. God is faithful, even if the outcome is not what we all hope so fervently. I am so glad his loved ones are trusting in the Lord to get through this.

  10. this is heart breaking. thank God for knowing when loved ones know the Lord. i will continue to keep them all in my prayers. so tragic.

  11. thank you for putting up the updates about this for us. We have grieved with you and them and prayed over the past weeks about this. We appreciated you keeping us informed about it along the way. We will continue to pray for the grieving family.