February 14, 2010

little husky

And at our 9 month check-up, we have the following measurements:

Height: 28.25"=50%
Weight:19.75 lbs= 25-50%
Head:44.5 cm=25-50%

50th percentile??? And 25-50th percentile???

Um, are you kidding me?

And those measurements on Twain are accurate. I even looked up other growth charts to double check his percentiles.

Our pediatrician took one look at Twain's chunky body and then back at the charts.

"He is a husky", she declared! All fluff and fur.

In Twain's defense, he is squishy and snugly as can be.

He loves to stand. He can stand by himself for a few seconds by himself.
Please have mercy on our mock cloth diaper--I used a burpee with safety pins...olden day style. Seriously I had no idea what to do when he actually wet the thing! I cannot even fathom the laundry that took place back in the day.

His feet are simultaneously amusing and befuddling. Where did those rolls around his ankles come from? I have never seen such a sight.

And all I have to do is take one look at these feet and I can't help but smile. They instantly cheer me up.

In fact, I spend ridiculous amounts of time each day staring at them.

Or staring at his shining little face with his two very proud bottom teeth.

As for me, 9 months into this crazy ball game...

Honestly, things didn't start getting hectic until cold and flu season hit full force. The last few weeks my kids have been sharing germs galore and I literally felt like I was running a local infirmary with all of their antibiotics, motrin and barf buckets. Nurse Davi even had to keep a medicine log, lest she mix up their drugs.

And once Twain became very mobile, I really started to feel the full effect of having 4 kiddos. Before, it was kind of similar to having 3 kids.

Now I spend most of Twain's waking hours chasing him around corners.

Making sure he does not fall into the toilet. No matter how many times I remind them, the boys always forget to close the lid of the toilet and the bathroom door.

And Twain is putting every little thing into his mouth. My house is full of hazards, due to food, papers and legos that 3 other little boys leave lying around.

And if he's not eating crumbs off the floor, Twain is pulling out my carpet, bit by bit, and shoving it into his mouth. I have to keep my eye on him at all times.

Most days I feel like a tightrope walker. I scarcely get anything done anymore!

All productivity has seemingly come to a screeching halt. Please forgive me in the days to come if I am not my "usual" self. I feel sort of guilty for not being able to do as many things...but I am trying very hard to just let certain things go.

Don't be fooled by this serious look.

This is one crazy, wild child who has given me a run for my money!

And as much as I would like to freeze time and stand still...

...I am fully embracing the eager, bouncy little person that Twain has become.

And fully enjoying the fact that he can interact and make us all laugh and smile.


  1. I couldnt of said it better about my little Cy-Guy! Those are beautiful pictures, I love them! He is so cute, absolutely amazing!

  2. Oh little feet! How can they hold up such a fluffy little body? My Felicity is just shy of 10 months and is standing at times on her own as well. How she does it I am not sure, her feet just look far to fat and short to balance her out! I love the photos of you and Twain together. Did someone take them or did you use a tripod?

  3. He's so so so so cute! I just want to reach through the computer screen and cuddle him!

  4. Davi, First, I love your boots. Next, I was so jealous that Phil ran into you at the doctors instead of me. We do need to get together someday and let all our boys run around. Last, I can't imagine what the doctor will say about Jack if she said Twain was husky. She said Jack was very "symmetrical" at our last appointment because he was entirely in the 90th percentile. Jack is huge!

  5. seriously. you have THE most cutest family ever. im not even kidding. these pictures made me want to throw up they are so sweet!

  6. Gah, he is so adorable! Also, can you be my personal clothing-buyer??? You have too many cute tops, I need to know your secret :)

  7. oh WOW that boy is yummy. and his moms' pretty awesome too =) still drooling over those boots. =)

  8. Such a little cutie you have! He's getting so big. I must say I LOVE your curtains and would love it even more if you could tell me where you got the fabric although I'm not sure I'd be able to find it in Canada. I know you're a pretty busy gal, but if you have a chance, e-mail me at everythingisducky@gmail.com or leave me a comment on my blog. Thanks :)

  9. Oodles of cute! I LOVE HIM!
    And I love your outfit. Smashing.

  10. I am in love with chunky babies... i was telling lorie Reid was just like twain when he was that age... "HUSKY" :0) people use to always tell me he was going to be a football player.. anyway he is amazingly cute as so are all of your boys! and i must have your boots :0) i believe a wedding dress is fair trade :0) i love reading your blog... thanks for makeing my boring work days fun...-Ash

  11. beautiful pictures! does he look more like calvin or ollie? i see both a lot in him. i also love your boots!
    i laughed out loud at the cloth diaper. cloth diaper laundry is not so bad- but ive only done one. cloth diapering more than one child at a time could seem overwhelming to me. is ollie fully potty trained now? i dont remember if i saw a post about it or not?

  12. Cute pics Davi! He is such a doll. Cute outfit on you too! :)

  13. lovingmylife--my husband took the photos for me! I just did the settings and handed him the camera!

    Jenny! a playdate with your boys sounds super fun. I'm sure Lorie would love to join us too. And yah, I was bummed I did not see you at the doc's but I was so excited to meet Jack and see Phil.

    Alyssa--The last few months I bought my shirts at Forever 21, of all places. I also saw some cute ones at Charlotte Russe.

    Ashley--you are too cute. thanks so much for reading. I would love to see you again!

    Gretchen--Twain resembles Calvin the most. And we have not tried to potty train Ollie yet. We will probably try over spring break or when Finn is out of school for the summer. I can't imagine sitting will Ollie in the bathroom all morning while trying to rush out the door to school. We barely make it on time as it is!

  14. Ohhh, that Twain of yours. Seriously, he is beyond adorable. And I just love (as always!) all these pictures of him! His feet!!! I melt!! so cute.

    I just tried taking some 11-month pictures of Rosalie this morning and I fear they didn't turn out that well... next time I'll just have you come over and do it. hehe!! Actually, I'm really envious of your Twain-and-you pictures... I hardly have any of me and Rosalie together. I guess I need to put my husband to work! :)

    oh, and one more thing: YOU LOOK SO CUTE.

  15. I want to eat your baby....do you think i'm weird?!..lol

    he is soooo precious!! your lookin good momma!

  16. Oi how is it that I love your little man so?! He is just amazing Davi, and I miss him =( And I LOVE your shirt =) XOXO

  17. I am new to your site. I found it via Laina's blog, and I love her so much and trust her, so any friend of hers is a friend of mine.

    I hope you are enjoying your Lent, and that the missing computer time gives you time to read the amazing book list of yours.

  18. Is it April yet? This has been the longest month ever! Life is just not as fun without my Davi fix. I hate that I missed you the other day. = (

  19. Oh Davi, I'm so glad to read this post as just today I was on the verge of tears at how little I can get done now that Jasper (our 4th boy) is so mobile...prior to about a month ago, having 4 didn't seem that different but the craziness is definitely picking up. It's a good thing they are so darn cute at this age, all rolls and tiny teeth poking through. Twain is adorable!