July 25, 2010

Yosemite in a Day

Or the post otherwise known as "what were we thinking???"

Well, we(meaning John) were thinking:

it would be amazing for the boys to see lower Yosemite Falls,

{We were thinking} of playing outdoors all day at one of God's most beautiful creations,

{We were thinking} of the grand view of Half Dome,

{We were thinking} of wading through ankle-deep babbling brooks,

{We were thinking} of introducing baby to icy-cold water for the first time,

And finally, we(as in me) were thinking of traipsing through the meadow beneath majestic granite walls just before sundown...

What we were most certainly NOT thinking was:

-half-hour road delays due to construction

-driving into Yosemite for almost an hour on dusty, bumpy, dirt roads due to aforementioned construction

-massive crowds in the park {on a Wednesay no less} that I'm still puzzling over

-hysterical screaming baby on never-ending ride home which literally made my ears ring

-husband almost falling asleep behind wheel but couldn't stop for coke because baby above just fell asleep

-cranky wife that kept thinking "NEVER again in one day"

Ah. You win some and you lose some.

We had a fantastic time while there, but paid heavily on the drive home.

And the meadow, one more time for good measure:
I think it almost makes up for the lousy drive home.

So, what crazy hair-brained things have you been up to lately?


  1. oh my goodness you describe Yosemite SOOOO WELL! It's in my heart and I ADORE it! Every bit! I thank God for that little corner of the world. He truly put something special into it when He created it :)
    ps: my husband Michael proposed to me under Lower Yosemite Falls :)

  2. you take the best pictures. seriously. i've never been to yosemite, & boy! it sure looks majestic. i don't think my girls could do the car trip either. all the winding roads would end in a lot of puke & a frazzled mama :) but i think it was worth it for you for the pics alone. maybe? ha.

  3. Love that your boys are all wearing Star Wars shirts... My kinda guys! Your pics are beautiful and your little day trip reminds me that I still want to get my guys up to the Sequoia's this summer...for the day!

  4. they're going to be glad they've got so many awesome photos when they're older!

  5. Oh Davi! I know it must feel like it was a hair-brained venture after that awful, hair-raising trip home, but I promise you that in 10 years you will look back at this trip and smile! It's amazing how quickly their childhoods will go and wow - you are an AMAZING Mom for taking them on a journey like that! xoxo

  6. So beautiful Davi! Love the pics in the meadow-- just amazing... I miss Yosemite!!And I was just telling Jess that I totally need to see you too. Lets plan a day!

  7. beautiful gorgeous. love love LOVE it. your crazy day was well worth the pics!

  8. Oh Davi the pictures ... THE PICTURES! I am stunned and amazed. I think we should plan a group overnight trip ...? =)

  9. How prettttyyy - awesome pictures as always :) That sounds like a SUPER long day though! We are planning on camping in Yosemite in a few weekends..hopefully the crowed won't be TOO back *knock on wood*

  10. oh..those pictures should just melt all those thoughts right out of your pretty head!

    such beautiful boys!

  11. You know, when I read your last post about prepping to do Yosemite in a day, I thought, "How on earth do you do Yosemite in a *day*?"

    And now I know. LOL!

    The pics are gorgeous, though! :)

  12. Those pictures must make the nasty parts of the day so worth it! The pictures of your boys are as breathtaking as the scenery. They are beautiful!

  13. We are kindred spirits! A couple of weeks ago we spent a Wednesday at Yosemite then starting the following Saturday we spent a week at Hume in a cabin. We make it to Hume every year, and almost every year to Yosemite. We just cannot get enough of God's amazing creation!!
    BYW: the day trip to Yosemite gets better as the kids get older! :) You have a beautiful family!

  14. From the pictures you'd never guess the rough patches (which by the way, I'm convinced you cannot avoid while traveling with four young children!). Beautiful!

  15. Hi.....I've been on plenty of those type trips and laugh at them now :).......I think that is why I love pictures so much because it captures all of the wonderful memories of the day to look back on and somehow all of the craziness gets hazy. HAHA. In fact you forget about that part so much that you go and do it again!! :)lol

  16. You are a brave soul to even venture a day trip like that! My husband and I almost never do day trips because we get grouchy ourselves! You're amazing for doing it with 4 kids. You did get some really nice pictures, and like someone else already said, someday you will look back on this and laugh. :)

  17. these pictures are so beautiful. SO beautiful. Just looking at them made me want to go run and find a creek to stick my toes in, a meadow in which I could lay and feel the grass, a forest to wander through. Ahh, God's creation. And your boys are definitely a great part of it. :) (as are you. you always look so gorgeous!)

    I'm glad your crazy day paid off, and I'm glad you could share these pictures with us!