July 31, 2010

Fun with Frames

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Gather old/ugly/abandoned picture frames buried in old hope chests and storage closets.

Find some of your favorite colored items and put in a pile.

March above items to nearest Home Depot for a color match in those small $3 color samples.

Have at it with your ugly old frames.

Careful not to go overboard with the pretty paint. Keep all of your nice brown frames se-par-ate.

Print up photos.

I knew instantly that the above oval frame had to be yellow. It looked too fussy in brown. It seems that a nice funky yellow, orange or green can be used to tone down overly prissy items.

This brown frame was the only frame I ended up buying. I did not have enough suitable brown frames, so I had to find one at my antique store.

Play with frames on the floor til you find suitable arrangement. Then throw them on your wall without giving it too much thought.

Hm. Something is missing.

Just so happened to get a little magazine in the mail with the following inspiration:
A little table underneath your frames anchors your collection nicely.

This little table just so happened to be within arms reach.

And presto, you are done!(Or not so presto if you are me. Simple projects like these seem to take me more time than anticipated).

And here are some additional views of the frames nestled in their new environment.

I happened to have a few left-over frames.
My friend Jessi embroidered those birds(in green frame) as a parting gift before she moved.

I decided to put these remaining frames in front living room.



Calvin saw these frames and said "Hey! Where am I?"

Not to worry dear boy. Mama is not done just yet. She has lots of photos that still need framing.

You should see the little{big} pile of frames accumulating in my front room. I had a hay day finding great deals today at all the junk stores.

To be continued at a future date...


  1. Oh my goodness! I love it! I raided my Mom's garage and got all her old frames as well. I've been playing around w/them...it's so fun! Love the pics you chose and your little table.

  2. it's sometimes scary how our minds think alike. I'm on a collecting frame rampage too. But your scores are WAY cooler than mine =) it all looks GREAT!

  3. Great project. I especially love the way the ones in the living room pick up the curtain colors. This project would be wonderful for Lori's new highchair fabric.
    (I LOL when I read that things take you a little longer than you thought). I don't know how you take care of four little boys, decorate your house so cute and have time to photograph and document it all.

  4. The yellow one is my absolute FAVE! You have such a gift friend ... I could NEVER do that! I am dying over your phone too ... I found one at an antique store yesterday but it was WAY too much $!!! Oh and I LOVE the little table too!!!

  5. I must be living in the dark ages b/c I never knew they had little sample paint cans!! It probably could have saved me a lot of re-painting and instead of a country blue, my wall would have been the greyish periwinkle I envisioned.

    Love your frames! And the lovely pictures that fill them. I think that's the key, colorful, professional pictures.

  6. i love your house. these are so fun and fitting!

  7. So beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration...time to hit the antique shop. I love your creativity and daring to use color! Fun, fun, fun!!!

  8. wow! i love them!!!!

    where is the orange one..hehe?!

  9. those are all so wonderful. you are so creative.

    i love the green one the most!

  10. Looks AMAZING D! Love it, Love it, Love it! I've been fumbling around with frames lately too, but have had no such luck--jealous!

  11. Love it! I have two walls covered in frame montages that are super similar- only they are monochromatic. I might have to switch them up with some fun and funky color soon...hmm

    also, thank you for your comment on my blog. It got me thinking and now I am writing a post pretty inspired by your words..thanks so much lady!

  12. I love it! Why can't I ever get any projects like this done! How inspiring! Love the colors and I love your living room! Amazing! Very cool!

  13. You seriously need to be an interior decorator on the side...you are so creative! If you open a business - you have to start at my house though! :)

  14. I second Sue, you could decorate people's homes for a living, if you were ever so inclined. I want to come see your house someday!

  15. Amazing. Simply amazing, you are beyond creative!!

  16. You inspired me to finish my boys' bathroom which I had put off because I didn't know what I really wanted to do in there! My frames are not cute like yours but I had them in my closet already so it fit the budget. I am going to post it on my blog with a link your your cute inspiration and I am also going to put it on Metamorphosis Monday. Hope things are going well! Love your pictures as usual!!

  17. Oh, it looks fabulous!! I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while -- I am totally missing out!

  18. Sheesh, I was on the front page of etsy and guess what I found? A whole shop dedicated to spray painted frames! And they aren't cheap either! I think this may actually be a craft project I could sell and make money on! LOL, but I'd be too lazy to take them to be shipped.


  19. oh goodness, Davi, how have I not told you how much I LOVE these?? your frames are amazing, and I just LOVE love love the colors. So perfect and fun and funky and cute.

    your house... seriously... I need to come over and view the wonderfulness of it in person. It's ridiculous how gorgeous it all is!! :)

  20. I've been collecting old frames to paint as well but yours are so much cooler Davi!!! I have a stack of all square and rectangular ones that I've found at thrift stores, all with different detailing none as sweet as the 2 ovals you've got!
    I LOVE the idea of bringing things into the store that are the colors you want your frames! I never knew this could be done!! love, love, love.
    I'm pretty sure the pictures you filled your frames with add to the adorableness of it all as well :D